Still Waiting For AF To Visit How Many Days Late Are You

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still ttc. - April 12

How many days has it been since AF was due to visit?


Melissa S. - April 12

I was due for AF on April 7th. It still hasn't come to visit. I took a pg. test on April 11th (4 days late) but neg. I have a lot of the early symptoms, but I'm going to wait until I'm 1 wk. late.


stacey - April 12

well, I can't be sure, but I think af was due on Sat...still not here, but Sunday had major sumptoms like it was coming- but didn't :)


Amy - April 12

I was due on the 8th I think. I would be cd 31 today and nothing! I had a BFN with FRER this morning and I am confused. My b___sts are killing me, and I am exhausted. I really don't ever get b___sts this sore. A week and a half ago I had the worst upper back pain for no reason, a migraine, and really bad contraction-like cramps. Then all that went away and I had such sore b___bs I couldn't stand up without them hurting... this has never happened!! The condom broke on CD 14 and we didn't notice until it was too late. But wouldn't a First Response Early Result have shown up if I am 3 days late??? Is it a reliable brand or should I try something else? Thanks gals :)


Kerry - April 12

I am 22 days late, I had a blood test done last week and it was neg, but started slightly bleeding today but not like my normal af.


stacey - April 12

I don't know, there is a strand under pregnancy tests about First Response. it's supposed to be reliable,, but sometimes isn't. OH, it should have been symptoms not sumptoms under my other post.


Lillie - April 12

Melissa S., It seems we are both going through the same thing, except I went through the implantation bleeding. I'm gonna wait a few more days also before taking the test again. Let me know how everything turns out.


Melissa S. - April 12

This is really frustrating isn't it? I've been peeing all of the time (every 2 to 3 hours, which isn't the norm for me), tiredness, nausea, light-headness (I work 11PM-7PM and stand all night) cramps off and on (still no AF though), a lot of discharge, and every once in a while, my nipples will start to tingle... ouch. And I tested on Monday morning, but it was neg..... who would've thought? Lillie, when was your AF due?



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