Stinky Cm Sorry So Gross

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Anna - May 30

Has anyone that is pg noticed that thier discharge smells more distinct? I really think I am and I'm just wondering if anyone has ever noticed this, again sorry so gross! lol!!


Anna - May 31

Guess this was too gross to ask, sorry ladies.


toanna - May 31

discharge shouldn't be smelly normally, perhaps a good idea is to talk to your doctor. You may just have heightened sense of smell, discharge is more copious in early pregnancy.


Anna - May 31

I guess it could be true that my smell is heightened. However, I swear that this discharge smells so strong and weird. Has anyone else had anything like this. Maybe it's an infection or something.


emily - May 31

Smelly cm usually means an infection of some sort. Go see your dr.


Anna - May 31

So smelly cm is not a possible sign of pregnancy- it means something is wrong with me? I haven't been feeling all that well lately, fever, stuffy head and nose, do you think that might be why I'm having this?


bump - June 2



June - June 6

I have the exact same problem you have! I have been having discharge for about 2 weeks. A few days back I smelt it and it sure is a strong metallic/acid like smell. My nose has been runny for days and my throat is sore. Feel periods are coming from period pain in my lower back and when I rush off to the toilet there is nothing. Around my belly looks swallon and feels tender. Been pa__sing wind too..Maybe we should go to the DR as it could be the friends are coming into town or coming down with the flu. Let me know how you go.


Anna - June 8

Hey June, I called my doctor's office today and the nurse told me that it was probably because I am feeling ill. She told me that if I didn't go away in the next week to call back to make an appt. I guess I'll have a wait and see, but the smell you described is exactly what mine is like. Strange isn't it, and awful. Have you spoken to your doctor yet and have you taken a pg test? I'm going to test in the morning, bc I also think there is a good chance I could be pg. Let me know how things are with you. Thank you so much for responding. As much as I hate you are going through it also, it's nice to know I'm not alone. I was really starting to get scared.


Anna - June 8

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I got a BFP this morning. Yeah!!!! So June I would definitely do a pg test, don't know if the smelly cm was a sign, but I'd definitley check. Good luck to you, oh I hope you are too. lol!! Baby dust your way!!!


Anna - June 8

I just realized that I wasn't sure if you were trying, just a__sumed it. So if you are trying I hope that it's a sign for you. Sorry I'm kind of giddy this morning, just so excited.


to Anna - June 8

When did you o? What other symptoms were you having other than stinky cm?


Steph - June 8

CONGRATS on your BFP!!!!! Good luck to you, and your stinky cm!!! LOL!!


Anna - June 8

Actually I'm not having too many symptoms at all except for not feeling well. My nose is always stuffy and I feel achy, I also have no energy at all. My b___sts are not sore yet just a little bigger. I have felt nauseous once very briefly and then it pa__sed, but I thought that might have been from some medicine I took. I think that I must be very early so maybe in the next couple of weeks I'll have more symptoms. I think I'm about 4 1/2 weeks. Oh yeah, I have noticed some slight cramping in my pelvic area, but not painful at all. Hope this helps. Still going to get the stinky cm checked, to make sure it's nothing serious.


June - June 11

Congrats Anna! My friends came into town on Monday. I knew it was too good to be true. I hope you sprinkle some baby dust my way! Once again, I am extremely happy for you! Well Done!



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