Stomach Cramps A Sign Of Pregancy

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arania - September 21

Im trying to conceive at the moment- are lower stomach pains a sign? they come and go- not bad pains - like period pains. Im also quite emotional at times- could this also be a sign ?


Joelliesh - September 21

Im in the same situation, I had these signs with my first baby, along with others, when is your period due. I done a test today althought not due until the weeked, one of the sensitive ones, it had a very faint line. So not too sure either myself.


arania - September 21

its due on the 6th of the month- is it true you can only do a test on/after the day you're due?have you had other signs?


southernbelle - September 21

hi arania - yes, when i conceived my daughter i had very definite cramps in my abdomen, like i had been doing situps all day. these were off-and-on and noticeable, but not too painful. sometimes it felt like a generalized burning or tingling sensation in my tummy region. i may actually be preg again because i am experiencing the same symptoms, for a much longer duration than with my daughter, but almost no other symptoms. but i am 36 and this would be a second pregnancy, so it may have something to do with differences in symptoms. As to doing a preg test, some women (like me) have naturally occuring low doses of the Hcg hormone (that the test measures) and so must wait longer than other women before seeing a positive result. I believe I was a week late with my period with my daughter, my test was positive but the line was so very faint that it was almost invisible. but i was definitely pregnant!


arania - September 22

hi southernbelle- its a weird feeling i have in my stomach- it feels like period pains it is not painful just comes and goes. When is the best time for me to take a test?


Viv - September 22

Unless you have money and emotional strength to fritter away, you should wait until your missed period before taking a test. If you think you are having symptoms more than ten days before the missed period, you are imagining things.


arania - September 22

Thanks Viv. I thought the same thing. I think I have a case of 'imaginary pregnancy'.



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