Stomach Flu Or Possible Pregnancy

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j. - May 19

some of you are probably familiar with my story. but anyway, i've been feeling soooo sick to my stomach the last couple of days. I don't know if it's something i ate or what. Also, is having the runs an indication of pregnancy? My cm the last couple of days have pinkish tint to them and when I wipe it's pink on the tp. AF is not due until the end of May. Anyone with a similar situation?


j. - May 20



Lin - May 20

If af is not due until the end of May, then your symptoms are most likely due to ovulation. It would be the right time for it. If you're ttc, then get busy!


j. - May 20

thanks Lin. i'm wondering if anyone has ever experienced IB with severe stomach cramps? i've noticed throughout the day that i have pinkish spots when going to the restroom. i've never experienced anything like this before so i'm very concerned. i've also been having cramps from my feet up to my b___tocks area and on my back. What the heck is going on with my body? although it is unlikely that i am pregnant, i still cannot rule it out until i take a test so i'm just trying to find anyone out there who's been through a similar situations....thanks in advance.


BrendaW - May 20

Hi J. if you are nauseous and have the runs and dizzy it really sounds more like the flu than anything. Could the cramps be connected to diarrhea? The spotting may be implantation??? Depending on what dpo you are


j. - May 21

Thanks Brenda. I'm not even sure if I ovulated and when. If you're not familiar with my previous posts....I missed like 3 active pills and decided to start a new pack next month once af shows. I've done this before and af shows like clockwork so it was simple. But this time was different for me. I'm still spotting with very little blood(not enough to fill either a tampon or a pad). I'm still experiencing these sharp cramps that come and go. Maybe it's very bad case of gas??



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