Stomach Pains Pregnant

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Tracey - January 27

I did a pregnancy test on sunday and it show up + which means I am pregnant :) but for the last 2 days I have been having really bad pains in my stomach and the today I woke up to some brownish blood. Does any one out they know if this is normal when you are pregnant. Need help don't want to lose the baby if there is one.


JS - January 27

I know there should be pains later in the pregnancy when your womb stretches to accommodate the growing baby. Not sure about this early - I suggest you make an appt. to see your gynae ASAP.


Tracey - January 27

could it be implantation. Seeing doctors this Tuesday. really hoping nothing is wrong


Jill - January 27

I think you better go to the doctor I have 4 other kids that are 15, 12, 9 6 and expecting the 5th and I never had that so If i where you to be safe see your doctor


alexa - February 3

hi when your next period is due it is very normal you have what they call a show in early stages of pregnancy this can be a brown discharge colour.


lilhan - February 4

TRACEY see doctor asasp! It COULD be ectopic pregnancy, was yr blood like prune juice or was the pain you were havin in one side, especially yr left? I had an ectopic and the symptoms are, a missed period, a positive test, pain in tip of shoulder, bad abdominal pains, mainly on one side and little or no blood like prune juice. But please see yr dr to put yr mind at ease!!!


michelle - February 12

I have just found out that i am pregnant (4 weeks) i too am having pains no bleeding though sometimes its one side other times its both sides feels like a tightening sensation. has anyone experienced this?


lucy g - February 18

I once had similar symptoms last year and i dont want to worry you but mine was very serious. I had an ectopic pregnancy where i lost my baby and my fallopian tube. However my pregnancy did not show up on a urine test only in blood, so if ur pregnancy shown up on a urine test then that is a positive sign! If you have any pains down one side of your stomach then see a doctor i left it 2 late and my fallopian tube split so i had to have it taken out. I am now luckily pregnant again it is all ok this time and the doctor said to expect spots of blood so you should be ok hope every thing goes well let me no what happens my email is [email protected] xxx


hello - February 18

I am not the type of person who says nasty things 4 no reason but when i found out i was preg last time i have a bad tummy ache with brown blood two days later it turned red and i had labour pains was rushed 2 hospital 2 find out i lost the baby i hope u are ok and not feeling ill with the pain plz visit the doc/hospital xxx let us know yr ok afterwards my thoughts are with u xx


Candy - February 19

hi treacey i'v been having the same problem but i don't know if i'm crazy. I had my last period on Dec.28 and lasted for about 3 days. for the past 4 weeks i'v been having really bad cramps as if i am going to come on. Today i woke up and say some light red brown discharge the kind you get when your about to come off your period. i was excited thinking i was comeing on but as the day went on i had no blood just the discharge. This reaccured the following day. today i had more blood and really bad cramps but as the day went on their wasn't and blood unless i peeed.Help


lyla - February 20

Tracy please give us an update on how your doing.


emma - July 14

some cases this can be perfectly normal in the early stages of pregnancy but i would go to your g.p just to check



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