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whats wrong with me - May 10

alright usualy my bowel movemtns as you can say are very irregular.... usualy you are at least supose to take a sh** every day or so but usualy me... i take one maybe every three days-once a week or so.... um... could this be a sign that if i am all of a sudden fro two days, having a bowl movemnt at least once a day, a sign of pregnacy..... but what is odd is that just since yestruday i started feeling this way... a couple days ago i was not even worrying about bowelmovement, it was just my back and my somcah that where cramping like if im going to start my af.... but now.... i am feeling sick to my stomcah like throwing up wize and the bowel movements.. can you give me some advivce


Jen - May 10

I would like to know the answer to this too. I too am usually a once every few days kind of gal, but recently it has been very soft and daily. I am 12 days post ovulation or on day 29 of my cycle.


Heather - May 10

I'm in the same boat. I am a once a day kind of gal but the last few days it's been like 3 or 4! I'm not sure where it's all coming from LOL. I'm 11dpo cd28. I had read that progesterone loosens the muscles. Read the post: "do you have more bowel movements in the early weeks?" Grampa viv has a straight answer. I bumped the post.


chunky - May 10

This is a weird one init? I go about 3 times every Wednesday (!! i know?!?) but this past 2-3 days I have been going 3-4 times every day...and not the usuall substance..more on the soft side..wots going on?


whats wrong with me - May 10

ya sooo you all know wheere im coming from... n last night was the worst...... i was thrwoing up and was having crampz really baddddd but felt like i had to go ppoop but it was all throwup... it was really baddddd i think tha im starting th emorning sickness well actualy evening sicknes and i don teven kno if im prego or not



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