Stopped BCP And TTC ANYONE ELSE Get Preg Right Away

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Leia - October 8

Hey ladies I stopped my BCP around SEPT. 5 got my AF SEPT 7 and have been TTC since then. prior to BCP my periods where regular and if my period was to come on the reg. 28 day cycle I would be 3 days late now but still no sign and no symptoms....anyone else get pregnant right after ending the pill?


Helen - October 8

I came off the pill when i was 24 after using it for about 4 years and fell pregnant in the first month, I'm now 30 and came off b/c in july(after5 years) so I'm on my 4th cycle now and periods are totally messed up ranging fron 21 days to 29 so it really is down to the individual and your body can change over time.


Andi - October 8

My husband just told me today to go off of my birth control so that we can start trying! I am so excited, we have been married for 15 months now and we know that now is the right time. I heard that some people get pregnant between the next month and several months. good luck!


Deb - October 8

I have heard that it may be easier to get pregnant right off birth control because your cycles are still regulated. I am like Helen, I went off bcp in January and started ttc in May. My cycles are totally messed up ranging from 23 days to 33 days. It is very frustrating! I'm now in my 6th month ttc, so I wish you good luck that you did it on your first try!


Leia - October 8

Well hearing that your cycles have been at least under 33 days is comforting to me because I am so used to them being regular that I was getting nervous about this long cycle. I am now on CD 32 so with no symptoms of AF starting, so I hope that I am pregnant !! well see, HELEN when you first got preg. in the first month did you know if you ovulated on time or was is sporadic..did you find out soon or did it take longer due to unregulated ovulation...DEB my OBGYN told me that to but also said that you can ovulate at any time after BCP stop, did you hear the same, she said it makes the wait and the Due date calculation a bit fustrating and tricky. I guess well see Are any of you on the waiting game part right now.


Alyssa - October 8

I came off of BC at the end of July and got PG middle of August. I shortly after I m/c. I then got PG in September and now I am 5 weeks PG. Again, I think it all depends on your body. But I have heard that you are very fertile the first month after BC.


HELEN - October 9

Leia, when i first came of the pill and fell pregnant(dd now 5) I wasn't paying any attention to what my body was doing as I thought it would take a while to actually ovulate again! Sorry it's not much help but I would have o'ed on roughly cd15 . I think in some women like this time round with me my hormones are taking a while to adjust and settle down I a__sume i'm o'ing due to periods but because the cycles vary so much it's hard to pinpoint actually o'ing. So I going for regular s_x so i don't miss it!! You can with opks or temping find out when you 'o' but there is also sponanious ovulation that can happen any time in your cycle but cannot be predicted( I got this info off the net ' google spontanious ovulation') Wish you the best of luck.


Ana - October 9

I stopped b/c on 3rd of September. I got a "period" right on time....but it only lasted two days. I'm starting to feel pg symptoms. My lower abdomen felt like it was stretching all night long and I started getting mildly nauseus and dizzy yesterday evening. Right now it's 6am and I haven't been able to sleep all night. I don't know if it's because I'm pysching myself out or if I'm pg or if I'm getting sick, or what. I have been really ga__sy all night long and running to the bathroom (4 times tonight). Just took another hpt...negative. I got my "period" right on time, on the 4th. So, anyway, I'm not quite sure I'm pg...but I just talked to a friend of mine who got pregnant the very next week after coming off of b/c. So it's possible. Keep my updated.


Leia - October 9

Hey well I am now on CD 33 and still no AF and still a BFN on HPT. I just wish i could get an answer one way or the other. Did anyone else take this long to get an answer one way or another. ANA me and you are on almost the same schedule of stopping and TTC have you got any results yet one way or the other.


Leia - October 9

Sorry about the "one way or the other" repet_tion didnt realize it till after I posted..LOL...


To Leia - October 9

I remember the doctor telling me that if you had regular cycles before you went on b/c they should be reg when you come off it, the only thing to remember is it may take afew cycles to get to know your body and to start ovulating .Most doctors say that coming off the pill should not cause any problems with your fertility and when you come off it you should ovulate in the first cycle but the length of the cycle may take a while to regulate.



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