Stopping The Pill Need Help

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Please Help - January 24

Two months ago I was took off the pill for medical reasons. I havent had s_x since way before I stopped taking the pill (due to worry about getting pregnant) Althought I have fooled around but nothing that i really thought would get me pregnant.. The first month off the pil my period came right on time.. Then a week after I started bleeding again for about 2 days maybe it was very light... Now it is time for my next period and I am already 5 days late.. If this normal or could i be pregnant.. I honestly dont think I am.. But Im being paranoid and thinking that I am every minute.. Im only 19 and Im not ready for a baby yet Thats why I havent had s_x, and like i said I did fool around with my boyfriend but he didnt ejaculate.. CAN someone ease my worries please


ms.mae - January 24

ive had that happen to me before...depending on how long youve been on the pill when you get off of it, it will really mess up your cycle!...i know there were times i went about 1month and a half without a period..if it gets to late and if you have a gyno i would call them!!


Please help - January 24

Well I was on the pill for almost 3 years


mary - January 24

hi yeah i am only 20 and am in the same situation as you! i stopped the pill like 3 months ago and i had my period normally the first time, then the second month i was about a week late so i took a pregancy test and it was negative then i got my period two days later, now this month iam already like a week late and hoping that it comes soon but i get just as worried as you are. just like you i fooled around with my boyfriend but he didnt ejaculate as well. I wouldnt be too worried cause people have told me its just the pill and the hormones now from not being on it. But if it doesnt come just buy a test and do it at home so at least you know and it will help you not to worry.


Please Help - January 24

Thanks Mary it helps to know Im not the only one that has had this problem haha... I had read up about it on the net.. but I never found anyone with a first normal period then off Im only 5 days late so maybe it will come soon.. Thanks so much



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