Strange Brown Skin Pathces On Body Normal In Early Preg

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Leigh - November 8

Hi ladies...I am new here....any response would be great. I have normal 32 day cycles. I am six days late. Tested this morning with a negative result. About a week ago I noticed a dark patch on my shoulder about the size of a banana. It looks like a birth mark would and has become slightly darker over the week. It is not painful and does not itch. Is it common for this to occur during early pregnancy? Also, seven days after I ovulated this month I had very light brown spotting and slightly bloody cervical mucus. I did not think anything of it until now that I am late. Could it have been implantation bleeding and is it normal for it to occur seven days after ovulation? I know the test was negative but I just feel like I am pregnant. A girl can hope can't she :o)


Leigh - November 8

Please,,,,,can someone please answer my questions. I would be so grateful!!


kyla - November 8

I am not sure about the birthmark. However implantation bleeding can occur 7-10 days after ovulation so you could very well be pregnant. Some times the tests reveal false info when actually you are pregnant its just that your hcg levels arnt high enough yet if you still are unsure go get a blood test you can get a blood test as early as 9 days after conception.I hope this helps.


Leigh - November 8

Thank you so much!!! It does help :o)


Kyla - November 8

Your Welcome There is an excellent website called and it tells you all about how ovulation works and so on you should check it out Take care..........


E - November 8

Leigh, see my thread on this forum about being late for your period but testing negative on a home test. You could absolutely be pregnant, I think.


Viv - November 8

Pigmentation can be affected by hormone changes... Read ... Yours is the first question I have seen along those lines, so I guess it is not that frequent as an early sign. We'll hope along with you. Test again after a week's delay.


forum - November 9




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