Strange Ept Readings

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deah - January 25

i had what looked like implantation bleeding ten days ago. i took a clearblue easy and had a definate positive blue , but only after one hour. it later got darker and stayed two days. i then re-tested with first response three days an immediate definate pink line ...but after three minutes the line disappeared. has any one had any experience like this and what were the end results


deah - January 26

anybody had this weird experience?


Cutie - January 26

I also probably have implantation bleeding. 3 of my home tests did not show anything ... no lines at all. I was so mad because I bought them for $14.99 , but then I went to Planned Parenthood and it was neg. They told me to come back in a week for another one.


deah - January 27

frustrating isn't it...I think these companys are making a killing. wishing you luck


deah - January 27

I wish you luck too :) God bless. Hey how long have you been trying to concieve? Have you heard about ?


deah - January 27

actually i wasn't trying to conceive...i had a tubaligation 18 years hands and feet are always wet..pins and needles...been apet_te blue veins..hard swollen's so scary when you've had a tubaligation section...risc of ectopic. thank you for's a long journey isn't it


deah - January 31

more strange readings....on thurs morning took another clear blue easy. it showed up positive immediately...very faint but was darker within 10 minutes. it's still there. however, i tried another brand 2 days later...morning...negative. don't know what too make of this. and don't want to see doctor until they can really tell


TF - January 31

How far along would you be if you were pregnant, any idea? Maybe if you have used different brands of tests some pick up a lower number than the others.


deah - January 31

implantation bleeding (or what appeared to be) took place jan. 15. i guess that would make me 4 weeks. alot of symptoms but dont know if they are caused by worrying. i noticed that everyday the blue veins become more apparent, and i've been watching cm for the last 8 days...always white milky discharge....thanx for responding.


sony - February 7

my problem is i have sore b___st and it has been over a month since my last period.Took ept test the negative line is so light i can barely read it. Could i be pregnant?


mich - February 7

I wonder why the positve reading would disapper. I hope you don't get mad at me asking, but are you doing the test correctly??? How are you doing the test, are you catching the urine midstream or peeing in a cup and dipping the test in it for 10 sec. I always did the "dip" method.


Confused - February 7

Sony- my negative was like yours - really light. My b___sts are getting huge and I can see veins very prominently. Wait and see I guess.


johanna - February 7

hi deah - if you had what could have been implantation bleeding on the 15th, i'd definitely go see a doctor - the blood test should be able to tell by now...



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