Strange Period Or Pregnant

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Kris - June 17

About a week and a half before this period was due my BBs started hurting and I was very gassy. Then I started going to the bathroom more but I'm not really drinking more than usual. I have headaches and I've been extremely tired. I also have what seems to be a lingering cold. My period came Wed. but was very light and brown. Then it had more red in it and today it has even more red but still light and some brown. My normal periods are very heavy and very red. My boyfriend and I had s_x maybe once a week this month and don't use condoms. I am on birth control and I'm not ttc. I missed the first pill in the pack and took it the next afternoon and might have missed another during the pack but I would have taken it the next morning. I know that these signs could be PMS but I'm wondering if maybe anyone has experienced this and was pregnant. I know I should just test but I want some input first. Is this just a strange period or could I be pregnant?


Soph - June 17

Hi Kris, some people have period like bleedings for the first months, I know of someone who had her "period" for 3 months before she realized she was pg with twins!! Now, I'm actually hoping it's true bc I had a very strange period this month and I have many pg symptoms, but I think you shoul give it a try and test, after all, if you think you might be pg the best thing to do is to be sure. If you get a -ve and still feel stressed about it, try a dr's appointment. Hope it helps!


Kris - June 17

Thanks. I'm actually hoping I'm not, just because I'm only 19 and not ttc. I'll see how I feel and decide if I need to test. Good luck!


Becky - June 19

Soph, did your friend take a test before three months? Was she getting negatives? or was it only after three months that she realized she might be pregnant?


Grandpa Viv - June 19

Women do get pregnant while on the pill, and your signs are pretty cla__sic: fatigue, headaches, ga__sy, b___b changes, peeing more, runny nose, possible implantation bleed. How about intestinal upsets, appet_tie change, smells, etc. You probably need to take a home test before starting on the next round of active pills, and maybe call the docs office for instructions if you still have all these signs. Goodluck!


Kris - June 20

Grandpa Viv, some of the signs have gone away now, b___bs hurting and the cold. I am still extremely tired all the time no matter how much I sleep. I always have intestinal upsets and constipation so when it happens, its normal for me, although I have been doing #2 more than usual. My nipples are a little darker but not around them. I still have the veins and my stomach feels full or tight. My "period" stopped on time. Now I have a small amount (very small) of brown in my discharge. I'll get a test this week to make sure. I kinda ruled it out but I guess now I still need to clear my mind and find out if I am or not. Thanks for the help!


Brianna - June 20

I think that you may be. I am in the same position you are except without the bleeding thing just yet. I just came down with that same lingering cold you have, im getting headaches, and im constantly feeling fatigued or tired. I don't even want to walk up a ramp, because I know that I will get tired. If you hear anything else, let me know too....



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