Strange Period Or Pregnant 2

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Liz - June 20

Hey girls...sorry to post a question so similar to the one asked just a minute ago, but I'm in a delimma and need ya'll help.....Let me warn you, this post contains TMI and I'm sooo sorry about that, but I don't know what to make of this and wonder if anyone has any input.....Me and DH have been TTC for 3 months (I got off the BCPs at the end of March)...I had a normal period April and May (between 28-31 day cycles)....This month, I don't know what's going on with AF...I had a discharge of brown with CM late Friday evening, so I wore a tampon to bed Friday night thinking AF would come, but Sat. morning there was nothing but a little more brown and I had another BFN HPT....Later that AM I put another tampon in so I could go grocery shopping and while I shopped, I cramped sooo bad that I just knew it would be full when I got home, but there was just a little more brown...only on the tip....I didn't use another tampon since I was just around the house for the rest of the day/evening...and nothing else showed up....Sat. night I didn't use anything when I went to bed and Sunday when I woke up, I went to the bathroom and took another HPT and got another BFN and while I was getting that disappointing news, I wiped and it was there....BRIGHT RED!....I thought, well at least she finally came so we can begin TTC again....Now, here's where it got weird....I put a tampon in and a few hours later went to change it and there was like a good bit on the tampon, but it was BLACK!...It kinda freaked me out....then later when I changed it again, there was just a little bit of brown and a little bit of bright red...(that was probably right after lunch)....since then, I've only had a small amount of red (like just a streak of it) everytime I changed the tampon....At 3:00 this AM, I woke up with severe cramps so I thought for sure my tampon must have been full and that's why I was cramping so hard, so I went change it, but there was nothing on it but a streak of red again....Since then, it has deminished to nothing at all...Normally, I would have spotted for a few hours then had a full blown period.....I'm sorry for all the gross, detailed explanation, but I just don't know what to make of all of this.....I've never had a period like this before...This is crazy...What do ya'll think?....Ever experienced anything like this?....More importantly, Could all this craziness be because I'm PG...I have no other symptoms though....or should I start Day 1 of my new cycle as yesterday when I wiped and saw red regardless of how much (or how little actually) that I'm going?......Ya'll advice would be GREATLY appreciated......and again, I'm so sorry about the TMI.... Liz



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