Strange Period Zuly Please

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curious - December 5

Did not have a period in November and did have one this month. Have been trying to get pregnant for a few months. It began light and then became heavy with dark purplish blobs. Was going to take a test later this week and probably do not need to now. Any one experience this before? Also if one is over 40 could age be an effect? Thanks.


Zuly - December 5

You need to take a test first And by you being 40 yes it may be a problom.


curious - December 5

So I should still take a test even if the period continues or should I wait until it is over? It generally runs 4-5 days - and have never experienced this problem before - being 44 could be a problem with this - understand about decreased fertility but did not have this with first child 8 years ago - implantation bleeding yes but nothing else...ended up taking a test and also havinf a blood test done to confirm.


Zuly - December 5

Wait till it is over about 2 week after.take the test if not go to the Dr and get checked out


curious - December 5

Will wait until 14 days after this runs through - today was much better than yesterday. Will continue to try to get pregnant for the month of December - agreed that we would try until I am 45. Will let you know what happens. Thanks!


zuly - December 5

your welcome wish you the best good luck


tiffani - December 6

It's not unheard of to miss a period for a month and not be pregnant. That being said... could you have been pregnant and are possibly miscarrying?


curious - December 6

Experienced quite a few of the symptoms but then period began on 12/3 - 12/4 was heavy with purplish blobs then just red for past 2 days - should be over in two days. Could not really tell -there is not much you can do if that happens to be miscarrying -can you? Will just keep trying.


zuly - December 6

If you are miscarrying there is nothing you can do to stop it.


Ca__sie - December 8

I had the same problems allthough i am not 40. First day was light then the next day it was heavy with purpleish blots. Sort of like Jelly. Yes you probably miscarried. and i probably did to. :-( or a blighted Ovum.


curious - December 9

how long the period last - it will be seven days tomorrow and still blobs with gushes. Is it possible to get pregnant the month after this happens?


k - December 9

that sounds like an miscarrige if it has not stoped and you still have some bleeding your need to go to the dr to have them examine you to see if you did or not and if it was a clean miscarrige which means that everything came out if not they will do a d & c so that you will not get any infections. i just went through this. they suggest to wait until after you get a period after a miscarrige before tring to get pregnant again. best of luck


k - December 9

also being 40 or older increases the chances of a miscarrige


Ca__sie - December 9

Mine only lasted about 3 days and it wasnt mush blob stuff jus normal ut my period was real heavy.


curious - December 10

thanks for all the info- am going to wait out the weekend and then call the dr to see what should do. should it still take a test and when will i have any idea when next cycle will be?



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