Strange Red Marks On Bbs Symptom Worried

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bex - January 13

Hi, Have had good signs - cramping, pulling in belly button. nausea, tiredness and aching legs. This morning I awoke and saw a strange red mark on my right bb - it looked like a red graze at first but on closer look it is actually a blotchy red mark with little tiny veins. IT is just by my nipple. Does anyone what it is? I am worried? Is it a sign of pg? Many Thanks


bex - January 13

Bump... Anyone?? I forgot to say a few days ago I have a gush of cm (tmi)!!! Any Advice please answer??


jeanette - January 13

I have heard that women get spider veins in early pregnancy on their b___bs or chest area, but I have never had them myself.


bex - January 13

Hi Jeanette thanks for your help, thats what they look like but with a little red blotches - only on one bb - my bbs have been itching too!!! Anyone else had this?


deza1 - January 13

Hi bex. I had this happen to me when I was 3-4 weeks preg with my first child. Just might be an early sign of preg for you!! Good Luck!!


Grandpa Viv - January 13

Hi Bex. Take out a mirror and check for Chadwicks' sign. When the bod enters blood-vessel-building mode the signs can break out in many places. One woman posted that she was able to dispense with facial rouge. Good luck!


bex - January 14

Hi Grandpa Viv and Dezal, Thanks for your advice!! I find it quite encouraging - I am hoping this is my month!! I will look for Chadwicks!! I will let you all know.


AmyB - February 9

bex...were you pg?


j. - February 9

hi bex. did you go to the doctor about the red and itch? i had that about 3 weeks ago and the doc told me i had shingles, which is the chicken pox virus reactivated as shingles brought on by stress. i don't believe it's a preg sign. If it is, I would have to be at least 4 weeks preg by now. But preg didn't cross my mind until these last few days. i must've o'ed on 2/3 or 2/4 because of ewcm that was present. ttc so we engaged in unprotected s_x. Now, 6dpo and have been feeling some symptoms for the past few days.....i too have been having the gush of cm!! keep us posted.....take care of that itch.....



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