Strange Spotting

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Tink75 - April 24

Well, I don't suspect pregnancy at all but this has me a little concerned, or should I say...baffled :>/ I had my last period on April 6th, it lasted the normal 5-6 days although it was heavy for the 1st day then very light afterwards. Well, on April 18th a spotted alittle throughout the day, I figured from ovulation but then this morning I started spotting again; it was very light and only this morning. I wonder what to make of this. TIA :O)


Tink75 - April 24 cycle is usually 31 days


kdtaylo - April 24

hi, i home someone answers ur question because i had a very similar experience. i had unprotected s_x on mar 29, cycle was due on 14th or 15 of apr. i usually have a 27 day cycle but sometimes 28. my cycle came on 2 days early on the 12th. which made me have a 25 day cycle which wld have also made the day i had s_x my most fertile. i have never had a shorter cycle. then about 3 days after s_x i had cramps (2 weeks before cycle was due) my cycle was kind of normal the first day filled up a pad but the next 2 days were relatively light my. by sat the 4th i was spotting. sun also. then on tue and wed i spotted blood when i urinated and there was really light pink blood when i wiped. i really don t know what to make of this


kdtaylo - April 24

oh yea another thing thats weird for me is my bbt was like 98.2 to 98.6 then when my cycle came on it dropped to like 97.4 but then it went right back up to 98.2? i took a test last night but came back negative. so i don't i guess i just experienced a really weird month. any one have any other suggestions?


Tink75 - April 24



kdtaylo - April 24

what does bump mean?


Tink75 - April 24

I "bumped" it to the top of the forum. Sometimes the question gets answered alittle faster.


kdtaylo - April 24

oh ok got u thx a lot!


Tink75 - April 25 I'm really confused; like I said, I had spotting April 18th, April 24th (yesterday) which was ONLY in the early morning then nothing the rest of the day....NOW it's April 25th (today) @ 7:40pm and I'm spotting again and just very light and kinda dark. Anyone have any clue what could be happening? I a__sume the 18th was due to ovulation BUT why the spotting yesterday and today?? I'm wondering if I should make a Dr. appt. A few years I had an abnormal pap and had to have (I forget the name) some tissue cut out of my cervix...they thought it was pre-cancer but ended up getting all the abnormal cells out. I never had any pain or spotting or abnormal periods with that but I'm wondering if something like that is going on again. I'm concerned because I am a VERY regular person when it comes to my AF; I NEVER spot or anything. Sorry this is so long and thank you for those of you who read it ~*~*~*~Baby Dust to all~*~*~*~


Tink75 - April 25

BTW...I forgot to add that I know for a FACT I had a slight temp. this morning but I don't know how high...couldn't find the


Tink75 - April 26

well, I'm still spotting alittle (only when I wipe) and I do have a tiny bit of af is coming. I guess I'm having 2 periods this month...I've never spotted like this before.


simplyjen83 - April 26

Hello, I am getting the same thing (same as Tink75). My last period was April 17th and I am currently on birth control. I am no Ortho-Tricyclen Lo. I missed one day but, took 2 pills the next following morning (which was yesterday). I've been on birth control for about a year now and even before, my cycle was regular. I am expecting my period in 2wks but this morning I woke up only see that I was bleeding during the night. Very light. I also noticed that in the middle of the day yesterday I had some brown-like spotting. Could I be pregnant? I am still on the birth control. I also feel a little cramping this morning. Maybe it's because of nervousnes.


LadyD - May 1

simplyjen, I've heard spotting can be due to the missed pill. On Sat. at 4am, I had strange spotting, wiped 3 times and that's the last time I saw it. I think I ovulated or was about to, it was cd16 for me and I have a 32 day cycle. I'm thinking I ov'd early or that I just ov'd and possibly missed it :( b/c I bd'd right after I saw the spotting and I did not bd for a few days before.



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