Strechy Cm Tmi Sorry

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just - June 8

Ok AF is due on the 11th. But my CM is strechy. kinda clear with some white in it and alot of it. Iv read the other postes but was unsure on this one. I can pull my fingers about an inch or more apart. could this mean af or preggers????


Steph - June 8

That seems like CM that you would get when you are ovulating.....the strechy jetstream for the spermies to hit the egg!!! LOL!! That's what my girlfriend at work calls it....If you don't get af by the 14th or so, then I'd take a test...Good Luck!!


just - June 8

Thanx steph. I know it sounds like that kind, Thats why im lost. I oed on the 28th. And my cervix is really short. You can only feel just alittle of it and than the opening.Is that normal?


* - June 8



Tashia - June 8

O, yes it could very well mean you are pregnant. I have the same exact thing going on. After ovulation the stretchy cervical mucous will dry out. If you had intercourse around the days you were to ovulate, are approaching your mc and mucous is still stretchy, egg white like, you may certainly most likely be preggers...


Just - June 8

Thanks trishia, I oed on the 28th, pretty sure might be prego. but im waitting to test on fri. I just couldnt find anything that said your CM would be strechy b4 AF or if you are prego.


just - June 8

Hay yah it does look like egg whites...


Mary - June 11

Oh my gosh! i have had the same question forever! i keep looking around the site for similar posts but couldn't find any! I believe i ovulated a week ago and my AF is due on the 18th. Just about a day ago, my cm became like EWCM again and I couldnt understand it. because i had been watching it around when i ovulated and it was like that a week ago! and now it has returned! so this could mean that i am pregnant? or did i not ovulate when i thought i did?


sweetness - June 12

I've had this same sorta question. I have been ttc for 4 months. For the past 3 days, I have been experiencing sorta sharp but quick cramps throughout my abdomin area. Its different from menstrual cramps too. I usually feel my menstrual cramps about one to two days before my cycle begins, but my cycle isn't due until 6/19. According to my chart, I was extremely fertile between june 2-5 (I BD for those days) and Implantation should have been on 6/10 according to my chart. I am aslo producing a lot of clear cm and no spotting of any kind. I have always had a 27 day cycle. I wanted to know if this sounds normal for implantation or not. I would like to take a hpt, but its too early. Can someone please share their view on my situation. Thanks.


just - June 12

ladies hope this helps..Ok i had the strechy stuff than i went dry to 2 days thought i was starting my AF, Than it went to lotion and ALOT of it. And i know have tested BFP 4 times..Good Luck.....


Tashia - June 12

I hope this helps with some of the questions here. After ovulation the cervical mucous is not stretchy, not egg like. It dries up. If if is days after you've ovulated and your mucous is still eggwhite like it can very well mean you are pregnant. I knew something was very different when my mucous continued to be stretchy. I was using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor to detect my ovulation days. It's great! Right after me and hubbie had unprotected s_x I felt something different. It's still too early for a HPT but I know I must be pregnant. Here are some symptoms, maybe it will help answer some questions here: Cervical mucous continues to be stretchy, egg white like. Sensations in the abdomen area and genitals. Genital area is a deep purple color, almost looks black. Nausea at times, headaches every day. I eat and eat and still my food feels like it's been bypa__sing my stomach and heads somewhere else. Drinking lots and lots of water. Oops forgot to mention incredible fatigue. No menstrual cycle but I did have the implantation bleeding. Very very light brownish/pink spotting for 2 days. Best wishes to all.


pattie - June 13

TASHIA - Which Clearblue monitor is that? Is it the one you insert the stick into the digital monitor? I just bought that and so far, I got two high fert days and two PEAK Fert days. Have bd four times since tonight will be the 5th. I am hoping that this works for me. I also do the BBT as well. Keep me posted, I would love to know how other people do using this. *~*~* BABY DUST~*~*~* to all


Tashia - June 13

Hi Pattie, baby dust to you too.. Yes it is the one where you insert the stick into a digital monitor. ClearBlue Fertility Monitor. It's great! I made sure to have s_x the first time I saw the Peak, (the three bars with the egg symbol). I missed s_x on the two bars, I too would get the two bars twice and two Peaks. It didn't matter to have s_x with the two bars because I really think I must be pregnant and we did it the night of the morning we saw the Peak (three bars). May I ask what is bd? I was also checking my cervical mucous to feel for the stretchy egg white like mucous along with the monitor. The monitor was always accurate with my pre ovulation mucous. Best of wishes to you and all!


Joby - June 19

I am trying to find out info on this! I od on Tue 7th June. CM dried up for a few days & has now come back first of all watery then last couple of days clear & egg white. I did hpt this am & it was a bfn. According to me I am due af tomorrow, but I have also been using fertility friend & that says Wed. I too have had a few 'sharp' pains which are not cramps, but over past week have also been having af type cramps. I have had a couple of headaches, bbs don't hurt but seem to have grown! Also feel really bloated & already look about 5 months gone. I even did an opk test yesterday just in case i was oing again & would have to drag dh off to bd lol!!!!


nc - June 19

I've noticed a lot of ladies talking about their cervix and cervical mucous- how do you check that and what are you looking for?


Tashia - June 20

Hi nc, to answer your question I have to be bold. To test your cervical mucous, just use your fingers and guide them in. You should be able to feel the mucous with your fingers. Once you pull your fingers out the mucous will be on there. Stretch your fingers apart and the mucous will stretch out. It looks like egg whites and stretches like egg whites. There may be a milky tinge to it as well.


Pattie - June 21

Tashia - Whats up with you? Anything yet? I just keep taking temps and have stopped using monitor once it went into the low. Didn't want to waste anymore test sticks. I hoping for absolutely no symptoms at all, as it is too confusing AF/Pregger symptoms. I know how I feel with AF, so if nothing happens, then bam, hopefully BFP. Wishing you all BFP's this month.



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