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Alana - February 9

I have been very stressed out lately and missed my period. It should have been here on the 1 of feb but it hasnt. I am wondering if stress can cause other symptoms of pregnancy like back aches, feeling sick, cramping, frequent peeing and feeling sluggish. I am so lost and dont know what to do. Please help me!! P.S I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend all month. I know it was stupid so please dont say anything negative.


S5 - February 9

Have you taken a preg test. I know it might be early but it is worth a try. But remember that they can come up neg a few times before a pos. Just relax and remember that you can't do what is in the past and you will learn from your errors, Why would you have unprotected s_x, were you guys wanting to get preg? this isn't a neg. thing I am just asking. I was at this point at one time in my life and I now have a beautiful 14 year old young man. And i don't regret a thing about it and i was 20 when i got preg. If you weren't trying to get preg. just be a little more careful next time. If you are preg and happy than relax and take it all in. Don't panic about all your symptoms I won't say that you are or aren't preg ( only you will know) these are also signs of per. coming. You just sound like you need someone to talk to and I hope I could help a little. Take Care and the best to you in what ever happens.


HoPeFuL - March 9

I have had a very very similar question recently- I think even t_tled the same thing. So if you find out anything leave me posted: Anyway- You definitly have signs that you are pregnant, but those could also definitly be from stress, so this is a very hard delima. I have missed my period for a couple days after being s_xually active for the month- but I didn't turn out pregnant. So don't worry! There's a lot of girls here for you. I'll check back on ya! Keep us posted on how it turns out!!!!



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