STRESSED THE FCUK OUT Need Advise And Some1 To Talk To

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STRESSED - December 5

HELLO TO EVERY1 AND CONGRATS TO ALL THE MOTHERS TO BE..I NEED SO SERIOUS ADVISE.i might be 6 weeks last period was the 22 of oct..i didnt get my period for the WHOLE month of nov.only alittle bit of spotting around the 17.I've been eating Alot and very emotional and moody.I FEEL LIKE c__p.I've also been noticing this egg sh__l white color discharge and this sticky slimy kind,im wondering if this means anything.also everytime i get or feel hungry i get air bubbles in my stomach..if any1 can give me advise it would be greatly appreciated{i am going to the doctors on wed. to find out for sure.}thanx


stressed - December 5

please help me


jess - December 6

are you having any other symptoms - the discharge could be a sign - the waiting game sucks i know lots of clinics pregnancy test for free look in the phone book under pregnancy and maybe you can test early Best of luck to you


Deron - December 6

Do a test you sound like you might be pregnant. Knowing for sure might help you calm down a bit more. and then get all the rest you can.


EVE - December 6

you have some preg symptoms i would take a test but saying that i feel 99% preg i missed my period have bad head feel dizzy put on weight eat loads have veins in nipples sleepy moody have bubbles in belly and still testing negative my last period was start of nov it started brown gave me no pain and went very quickly!!!


zuly - December 6

You sound like you are pregnant . But get a test done so you know for sure.


stressed - December 6

thank you all for your advise..i am going to th doctors on wed..i'll let you know what it other worry is that my boyfriend might not want it but i do..he says hes not really ready for a kid.."not just yet"..i want to keep stressed out..i dont know what to 20 hes 25..he says that theres still a lot to do in life that he has'nt done yet.."with a baby we cant do anything" he also says that we are both not ready finacially.i dont know...should i consider his feelings ??or should i follow my heart???i know if we have it ,we'll be fine.he has a great job and can support us..thanx for the advise


tiffani - December 6

Always ~ Always ~ Always follow your heart. Best of luck to you!


stressed - December 6

thank you so much for saying that...i feel so good now that you said just abit scared of him leaving if i keep this child.i hope that i am i feel i am..before i even thought i was...i was dreaming for about 2weeks that i was giving birth/or i had a little you think my dream was telling me something??and another thing....are your b___st supposed to hurt because mines dont..and are you supposed to have morning sickness>????thanx again


Christine - December 7 are not "supposed" to have anything...some woman have sore b___sts...some dont...some woman have morning sickness..some not worry if you find out you are and you dont have these symptoms...I went through two whole pregnancies without almost any at all...and absolutely none until later in the pregnancy...good luck


STRESSED - December 10

so i went to the doctors on wed..took a urine test and it came out NEG.i told the doctor that it wasnt right b/c i feel different and i told her my symptoms so she gave me a blood waiting for results..if i am, i would make 7weeks today.DO you think that is early to detect>???and if im not ..does any1 know a reason why i feel all this..i know its not in my head... please help..thanx again


EVE - December 11

i hope the blood test gives u the answer yr looking for i had one the other week said neg im still shocked i have evry sign and belly is still growing and im eating less!!!



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