Stressing Horribly About This

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confused01 - July 14

okay ladies i need your expert advice. i am 20 years old and NOT looking to get pregannt. had s_x with my bf 2 months ago and condom broke. took ECP that same day. had s_x twice after that using a condom and withdrawing. tok ECP 4 days before period was due. period came on time in may and then started period again may 28. then june period came on the 23/ both times i had normal bleeding with some clotting but they didnt last as long as they usually do. havent tested yet because my parents do not know yet and they will flip. i am just curious could i be pregnant even afetr 2 normal periods and protection. i have had some very mild crmaping and headaches. also around the time i would be ovulating i had egg white like c_m with a tinge of blood in it. Could i be pregnant. Also i ahvent gained any weight but i look like i m three months pregnant... could it just be weight gain??? please help me!!!


sarahd - July 14

I doubt you're pregnant if you've had two normal periods, but why don't you take a test just to set your mind at ease. I don't know what you mean by you look like you're 3 months pregnant - most women don't actually show much if at all by then...could you explain?


VenusdiMilo - July 14

I agree with Sarahd if you’ve had two normal periods then you’re not pregnant. It sounds to me you’re just stressing and that can do a lot to your body/mind. May I ask why aren't you on a more secure BC if you don’t want to have a baby i.e. pill/patch? Withdrawal is not a method of birth control just so you know. Good Luck!!


Emma2 - July 14

Two periods with clots is very unlikely that a pregnancy will sustain itself after all that shedding. Good Luck and stop stressing !


Lin - July 15

Agreed. Test to make yourself feel better.


confused01 - July 15

thanks for answering everyone and helping me out. the reason im not on a safer BC method is because my parents do not know and they are very strict about BC and stuff. i was also curious.. my cervix is kinda high and notc ompletely soft but not as hard as it shoudl be after ovulation. i am also very dry unless i stick my finger inside and then im really wet. cervix is somewhat hard and raised cant tell if open or closed.. sign of pregnancy or stress?!?!?! thanks.. im thinking about testing soon whenever my aprents arent watching me like a hawk 24/7. lol Thanks and let me know about the cervix thing. appreciate your help


sarahd - July 15

Don't know much about cervix position, but seeing as you're 20 years old you do not need to get parental permission to get on birth control. Ask your doctor for the pill - they can NOT tell your parents. Anyway, seems to me it makes better sense to have them find out you're having s_x and being safe about it then that you got pregnant!



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