Stretchy Cervical Mucus In Early Pregnancy

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want2beamummy - March 30

Hi girls, I'm currently 4 days late for my af and this evening have noticed that I have some stretchy cervical mucus when I go to the bathroom. I'm waiting until Sunday to do a hpt. Does anyone know if I would get this cm if I were in fact pregnant? Does the cervical mucus stop when you become pregnant? Has anyone been pregnant and experienced this? Thanks.


mandee25 - March 30

When I was about 4 weeks along I noticed a lot of white creamy v____al discharge and now I am 7 weeks and it's not as bad as it was. I hope you get a BFP!!!


Lin - March 30

There have been several women who have reported getting ewcm before af. I normally get stretchy, stringy, boogery cm before af. I can't really say about during pregnancy, though, but many on here have reported abundant "lotiony" and wet cm. I never experienced that myself.


Emma2 - March 30

I had some enough for one wipe ..LOL...It changes everyday though.


corinne - March 30

I have the cm also, I did infact have at the beginning of my first pregnancy. So no it doesn't stop


pinkie - March 30

i was gonna ask that same Q cause i thought that cm was only "stretchy-like" during ovulation....


jeanette - March 30

I have gotten ewcm before AF, but not every woman does. I have seen some charts on FF that have it before AF and some before it depends on the woman I guess.


pinkie - March 30

this whole every woman is different thing is too complicated...i wish there was some sort of buzzer on the inside of the egg that went off the second it was fertilized....that wuld take out this guess work!...oh well, not this lifetime


Emma2 - March 30

HAha Pinkie that was funny ! I have never had EWCM and I am pregnant and I had it just the other day. I concieved without it and beleive me I looked for it everyday, 3 times a day LOL...I was begining to think i was abnormal because all I read is EWCM and I'm thinking "omg i never have it..i need some drugs, I need some lubricant !!!.But guess what I didn't need it because it worked!



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