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HELP ME - May 24

I HAVE A QUESTION THAT HAS REALLLY BEEEN KEEPING ME GUESSING... around the begining of may i have had this dishcharge that i can extend from my forfinger and my thumb.. it went away for a wile but i have noticed that it came back... is this a sign of pregnancy????? i have other symotms of being pregnant n im supose to get my period ne day now... what do yuou think.. please help!!!


hi - May 24

i believe the stingy discharge is going on when you are fertile and ovulating.


help me - May 24

thats what i thought as well.... but... this type of discharge has ouccured after my ovulation as well.. i had got my perod on april 27( wich i think was implanation bleeding)... and about a weel or so after that i got this type of idscharage and it is hapening again .... i know that i have a dischrage problem( dr said it was normal) but this is something that is very odd to me..... has this occured in the beignng of ne pregnancys???


KellyN - May 24

I agree. Is it clearer than usual? Kind of like egg whites? If so it sounds like the cm that is good for carrying the sperm to the egg.


not me - May 24

I haven't ever had a stringy discharge during pregnancy-lotion thick-like by cervix but not stringy. you said that the doc said it's normal? Have you ever been prego b4?


help me - May 24

the stringy discharge.... noo.... that has just occured resently but me having dishcarge the doc said that it was normal..... she ran tests and said that it is normal for girls... just depens on the type of body that they have...... but this type.... it unusual for me because i have been reading posts about how when you ouvlate that is when the stringy discharge occrus but for me i was past ovulaton and it occured as well.... i jus thought that somebody would have a clue of wut was gong on.... im supose to start my period any day now ( i start from in the 20's of the month to the frist days of the next)... n i havednt reveived yet sooo when i do skip i will go to the dr and see whats wrong... thank you allll.... if any one had this hapend to them like wut is hapening to me please write...


KellyN - May 24

Oops! Ignore my post. I did not realize you were already pg! Never been pg, so I no nothing.


......... - May 24



feafe3h5resytgfw - May 25



?! - May 25

I have seen that happen just before a period.It doesn't actually have the same odor but it can be clear again and more abundant. Then again, I've also seen it happen just before an expected period, but no period because I was preggers...


help me - May 25

well see... this is not wut is hapening in my case cuz this has happend twice already( and when im farrrrrrrrr from having a period...)....i have also been wet( two times it occured when i was reallllllly wetttt feeeling like i am sweating and or that i have started my period).... im jus soo confused n i haven tstarted my period yet :-?


... - May 25



maybe - May 26

Did you have s_x a day or so before you noticed this stringy cm? It could be sperm, sometimes you can see it a day or so later and it is very stringy and clear. This happens to me.



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