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Anon - August 11

Ok its been 5 days and Im feeling a cramping sensation in my stomack and I just feel funny, it feels like something heavy is in my stomack, i feel like my stomack pokes out more and today i seem to be urinating boyfriend didnt ejaculate inside me or at all for that matter but some pre-c_m may have gotten close to my va___a. I dunno if i feel funny because Im being paranoid and my feminine juices have been coming out for no apparent reason...have any other women experianced an odd sensation a few days after and been pregnant


Tabetha - August 9

well im in the same situation as u...matter of fact its been 5 days for me too and ive been gettin this bubbly feelin in my lower abdomen and ive been cramping and peeing like soo much and id like to no if its normal to have sings like this so early? thanx! xx tabetha


Helen - August 9

It is impossible to be getting any pregnancy symptons after only 5 days. If you have s_x from now on, use protection and if your period doesn't arive when it should, do a test. Hopefully you will be lucky this time. A woman can get pregnant through pre c_m, so it's best if you and your boyfriend use condoms or you could go on the pill. Good luck.


Jess - August 10

Contrary to the answer given by Helen, there are many women who experience symptoms of pregnancy within hours of conception. Maybe Helen should get her facts straight before taking it upon her self to educate women with inaccurate facts. So yes it is very possible to experience symptoms of pregnancies within hours after conception and if you are still feeling these symptoms and your period does not arrive then I would get tested. The best of luck to you both.


Sal - August 11

Anon, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that the symptoms you describe have anything to do with pregnancy. The mecial profession state that most womens FIRST symptom is their missed period. You say yourself you are feeling paranoid - this alone can lead to stomch cramps (stress-related). Or it could be due to PMT, is your period due soon? Try not to stress over it too much as that could cause your next period to be late and give you another thing to worry about.



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