Success With Pre Seed

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Lilee - January 22

Are there any Preseed success stories out there? I got pregnant the first month with Preseed after 4 months of trying. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended up in an early miscarriage. :( Hopefully, we can start trying again soon.


preggoplease - January 23

Yep I just got my BFP using pre-seed for the first time. And I had been trying for 4 months as well =) Sorry to hear about the miscarriage. That is my biggest fear right now. Good luck on going at it again!


Rainbowbrite - January 23

anyone else????


Lilee - January 23

We are using Pre-Seed again this cycle, so I will let you know the outcome in 2 weeks =) This 2WW seems forever long!!


indenial - January 23

Same with me, I'll let you know at the end of the month!!


Lilee - January 23

indenial - When is your AF due? Mine is due 2/6


maddiesmom - January 23

This was my 2nd cycle of Preseed, so I'll let you know. It'll be our 3rd month trying :-)


Rainbowbrite - January 23

where can you buy preseed? at any local stores?


indenial - January 23

AF is due to show herself 1/31


KWaits - January 23

Rainbowbrite- I just ordered preseed off of Leave the dashes. It was $17.50 and you got two free pregnancy tests with it. It also had free shipping.


Rainbowbrite - January 23

GREAT! Thank you!!!! =)


preggoplease - January 23

Yeah I got mine online as well. Not sure what website I bought it off of. But I got a pregnancy test too...oh and babydust in a little packet...cute. When I used it I didn't use it during s_x but after I (tmi warning) just squirted it in me and laid down for about 30 min with hips slightly elevated. Good luck maddiesmom...third times a charm!


Lilee - January 23

Congrats on your BFP, preggoplease! =) I ordered mine off of It came with "baby dust" and two free pregnancy tests.


VenusdiMilo - January 23

I will be using PreSeed this cycle as well….can’t wait!! I also got them from and it was FAST shipment. I placed my order on Friday (AM) and got them Monday. I wish everyone lots of luck with using PreSeed (including myself lol) *******Baby Dust*******


Lilee - January 24

Everyone trying Pre-Seed this month. Please keep us updated! =) We'd love to see how many BFP's come out of this. Good luck to everyone.


Sims1 - January 24

I've used preseed for the last couple of cycles, but have no success story to tell you about......still trying. but i like preseed.


anniebananie - January 24

I will be using preseed for my 4th month, no success story for me - yet. I do like it though, it's especially nice having the internal insertion to make sure it gets right by the cervix where it is needed.



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