Successful Pregnancies With Menstrual Like Bleeding And Negative HCG Tests How

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Nicole - September 28

I have found from reading around that it is a FACT that some women have successful pregnancies, yet cannot pass any pregnancy test, and continue to have menstrual-like bleeding for at least the first four months. ***My question is, does anyone know how this is possible, biologically?*** A lot of doctors and nurses would just brush off this question and say it's not possible, but it's a fact that some women somehow carry a successful pregnancy without having HCG show up on tests. And while having what seems similar to a normal period.


michelle - September 28

Hi...Im just curious to hear what others say about your question. I have 3 kids and all 3 had been different when testing. The first one showed negative until I was 8 weeks pregnant, the second showed positive by my first missed period and with the third ...the urine test showed a light pink line and the blood showed negative. Oh my goodness...but I have 3 kiddos to show. Now I have my period light every month and feel totally pregnant...but my test just came negative...and im skinny everywhere but my tummy. I cant figure out if Im preggy...which I look like...or if my fat has just decided to settle in my I still have neg. preggy test. How funny. So I look forward to hearing what others have to say.


Nicole - September 28

I hope someone answers too, because I can't really go into a doctor to be looked at until I have an excuse to. Sure, I look and feel four months along, but with bleeding and failed tests they might just think I'm nutty for going in to find out.


Tasha - September 29

im avin that problem 2, i luk n feel 4 months preggy but im still avin my periods n tests ave came up negative. i need a reason 2 go docs 2. if it helps, my mate found out she was 6 months pregnant about a year ago n she got all her periods 4 the 1st 5 months. shes had a healthy little boy now and she dint realise she was pregnant till she missed her period!!!


maly - October 5

Hi! Going through the exact same thing. I feel like i'm pregnant and i have pains and a "heavy"/tight feeling in my lower abs and always so freakin tired and my appet_te is out the window. i use to eat a horse every meal but now i only eat because i have to. some days food is not appealing to me but some days i want to eat everything that crosses my path. i still got my period last month. I've had about 5 -ve hcg tests and 1 -ve blood test but the doc is convinced that i'm not pregnant. i'm going for an ultrasound on friday... hopefully that will tell me why i'm feeling this way... i hope they tell me i'm going to be a mummy!!!



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