Such A Rare Chance I Am Preg 3 Weeks Late Help

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Nichole - December 28

I posted this under another thread, but I hope that somebody will respond here, too. I have a weird one here. A bit of background: When I was preg with my daughter I tested at 1 week late, negative. But, I still thought for sure I was pregnant, so tested at 2 weeks late: faint positive, confirmed by doc's visit. So, it's possible those tests aren't as sensitive as the package says they are. Now I'm confused! This time around approx 3 weeks late. I feel really dumb, because I started symptoms a week before my period was due, so tested and it was negative... but... and this is the stupid thing... I was totally not remembering my cycle. I actually had a period approximately in the 2nd week of November and wasn't due for another period until December 5th... I ovulate every month on time, I can feel it coming, know when I am because I can feel my temp go up and am really interested in s_x during that time -- my hubby just looks so good during that time! LOL! I am a woman who is very in tune with her rythms. It is part of being a woman that I cherish: knowing my body and all it's hormonal rythms. I pride myself on it, actually. Womanhood! (sorry for the tangent.. proud to be female! :-) ) So, to get back on track: I haven't been tracking my cycle because my husband had a vasectomy 10 years ago before we met (when he was with a different woman). He has a 13 year old daughter. I wouldn't even worry about pregnancy, except he NEVER went back for retesting! He won't test now... we've had some heated discussions about that... he says he can't stand the thought of doing 'that' in the doctors office, and he's had lots of s_x since his vasectomy and never gotten anybody pregnant. He has a point. Nobody else has ever gotten pregnant from him since the vasectomy. So what the heck are all my symptoms about? I've been pregnant with my daughter! I know how it feels! So, I did get a blood test at the doctors the day my period was due. It was negative. I feel so stupid now. Because I was unsure of my cylce, and wasn't thinking straight (seem to have a problem concentrating or remembering stuff lately) I thought my period was a week overdue -- but I was so wrong! I feel so dumb. My doctor looked at me like I was nuts when I asked him if it were possible I actually was pregnant. I then did another hpt at 2 weeks late: negative. Wasn't ttc, so don't know why I'm so late. Doc says could be just missing period, but he is being careful. He has me worried about a tumor on my pituitary gland, but I am not secreting any milk from my br___ts, they are just sore and have grown really big. I have had blood tests for thyroid problems, ovary problems, and adrenal problems, but the docotr says everything is normal! All my hormones are 'normal' as he put it. He said that nothing jumped out at him, so he wants me to have a CAT scan of my brain just to rule out a pituitary tumor. He says he doesn't really think that's it, because my hormone tests all came back fine. :-( I have been regular since I got my period at 12 years old (except when I was pregnant: twice in my life, first one miscarried, second was successful) -- I'm 32 now. I have all the symptoms: sore increasingly large br___ts, swollen nipples, blue veins in aereola (sp?), nausea about 1/2 hour after I wake up and off and on throughout day, fatigue (lots of naps), crampy but no period, bloated, headaches, dizziness (sometimes feel like I'm going to pass out), food aversions, smell sensitivities -- this is making celebrating the holidays tuff! I don't want to have a drink if I'm pregnant, but don't want to spend a whole bunch on tests, and feel foolish for not enjoying the holidays because of the likelihood of actually being pregnant being 1 - 2%. I'm waiting until New Years eve morning, then taking another test -- will be 4 weeks late at that time. I feel so pregnant. When I don't think about hubby having a vasectomy I could say that I am 100% sure I am pregnant, even with the negative tests so far. I've heard of it happening, but it is so rare! Sometimes I think I'm going nuts just sitting here thinking about it. My husband says he'd be really happy if I were pregnant, but he thinks the possibility is slim. What do you ladies think? Am I crazy? Will AF ever come for me? 3 weeks late. :-(


Grandpa Viv - December 28

So did your husband look real good a week ago, or do you think you did not ovulate this month? Does he smell different? Both good clues! You have a good plan - see what happens when your second period is due. If that doesn't clear up the mystery, your doc will surely want to do some more checking. Good luck! Come back to this thread and let us know the outcome.


Nichole - December 28

Hey! Such a quick response! It's nice to talk to other women who are going through similar things. As for hubby looking good, LOL! Well, to be honest, I've been feeling so c___ppy that he didn't look all that good about a week ago! LOL! Come to think of it, I was pretty h__y at the beginning of the month (Dec 1-5th), and couldn't get enough. It was weird!!! I'm not usually like that. It's something to think on, for sure! Thanks! Since then I haven't felt very s_xy. As for smells... he smells terrible! He smokes cigars, and the smell of it has been causing me to feel very sick the last little while. I keep telling him: QUIT!!! You stink!!! For the last week I don't even want to think of having s_x! It seems yucky to me (a very silly word, but that's only word that will describe it! LOL!). I'll keep you updated... this is the only site on the net I've found where the women talk to eachother, instead of just posting symptoms all the time with no response or advice. :-) Thanks!


nichole - December 28

I forgot to say that on the 28th of November I had a little spot of blood come out, so thought I was getting my period, inserted a tampon, took it out in the morning, completely dry... don't know if that matters, but wanted to share!


Nichole - December 31

Hi, just wanted to update you. I took a prego test yesterday morning at 3 1/2 weeks late and it was negative. :-( I was hoping for AF or a positive test to know if I could celebrate with the rest of my buddies for New Years Eve. Looks like I'll be taking the safe road and not drinking at all. I'm not saying I'm sure I'm preggo, 'cause I'm definitely thinking I must not be by now, but don't want to drink because whatever is causing me prob's, I don't feel very well and drinking is not going to help at all. I was doing some checking online, and maybe I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? Man, that would suck. I might have just missed a period, too. AF is due on Monday, so will report back next week. Thanks for everybody's support, and thanks for your advice Grandpa Viv. We'll see what comes of all this. Happy New Year!


Allison - January 25

Just curious is you had an update for us. I have PCOS, but don't really see much overlap in those symptoms and pregnancy symptoms.


JaWsGirl - January 25

Hey Nicole just wondering what happen? Let us know!!


Nichole - January 25

Hi everybody, sorry I haven't been on, I've been busy planning my wedding. It turns out that I wasn't pregnant. I got my period after 2 months late, and it lasted a looooong time. I went for a CAT scan last Thursday as my doctor wanted to check me for a pituitary tumour, which can cause a woman to have an increased prolactin level and miss her period, even if it isn't causing her to lactate. I'll find out in the next week or so how that turned out, but looking back on the 2 months I was having, things were pretty stressful for me -- spreading myself way too thin for one mother working full time at a company and running a business on the side, plus volunteering and doing public poetry readings for certain causes around my parts -- I guess I can't do all that without having bad physical effects! I think it was stress, but we'll see what the doctor has to say. I feel normal now, perfectly fine, and am not having any of the symptoms I was having before. There is a slight possibility (1%) that I was having a failed pregnancy, but I don't really think so. Thanks for asking, and I hope my response answers some questions for others having delayed periods with pregnancy symptoms. Toodaloo...



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