Sumone Pleaz Help Me Im Jus 14

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Sheryl - July 26

i wasnt planning on doing it with him. but at the moment i thought i was ready. he was the one i wanted to lose my virginty to. but im getting worried. VERY worried. He took it out before he c_mmed. But he took it out very fast and im not sure wether he c_mmed inside a little bit or not. my friends have been telling me that i've been gaining a little bit of weight. its been 3 weeks since then. i havent gotten my period since 2 or three days before we did it. alomost a month. but when i got home and i took a pee it burned. why? and can sumone pleazz help me with this. am i pregant? why did my pee burn? should i be gaining weight so fast IF i am pregant? my parents would never be able to look me in the eye ever again.


*** - July 25

i dont think that your pee burning has anything to do with being pregnant...and no you wouldn't gain wait that fast less then a month after having s_x. wait to see if you miss your period first then you can buy a home preg test or go to a clinic that offers free testing. also, 14 is very young to have s_x but its your choice i guess. remember what you put yourself through before you have s_x the next time - like how you stressed yourself over it so much. its not worth that one night to worry the whole month waiting to get your period and its def not worth it to have a baby, especially at a young age. but if you do decide to have s_x PLEASE use protection. your so young and you have a lot to live for. you dont want to have to worry about becoming pregnant now.


ateh - July 25

hey there, okay, well, first of all sweety just relax. in the beginning you chose an adult choice of action in life. it seems that you are very matured for your age. anyways, with your pee burning its just probably a urination infection that you should take care of fast if it continues on for more than 2 days go to the docs and check. and with gainning weight, it shouldnt matter because everyone is different when it comes to pregnancy. every ladys body is different. however, what i recommend that you should do is first go to the docs and check up about your pee. and be very honest with your doc. thats what i reccommed that you should do. second if u want to wait till u miss ur period then go back to the docs and take a test there. to me age doesnt matter so, anyways, i hope you the best of luck and hope to see you post back here soon. take care


Sheryl - July 26

thanx for your guys help. i got my period this morning and have to say thanx for helping me relax. ill think twice the next time i think of having s_xual intercourse. luv u both, thanx.


ateh - July 26

hey sweety! thats great that you got your preiod. wells, im glad that you will think twice next time. anyways, just enjoy your teenage life. take care



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