Super Early Possible Signs Of Pregnancy

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Mari26me - July 15

Hi everyone, I have not been on this sight in quite some time. My husband and I have decided to try for our 3rd baby, my last period started June 26th. I have a normal 28 day cycle. We tried and on the Wed July 6th and Sun July 10th. I know it is only July 15th, but I am feeling nauseous all the time, especially when I am hungry. When I was pregnant with my daughter and son, nausea did not set in until after I missed my period. Maybe my brain is playing tricks on me, but it feels so real. Can women actually feel symptoms this early??


lisa2u2 - July 15

yes i think so , i was 5 days past Ovulation when my symptomes started , cramps , not to bad tho like some one was knitting in there with a dull ake bad back by for 3.4 days day 7 , bloted sick feeling but no sicknuss, and loads of syliver in my mouth, by day 10 bigger b___bs and dreaming in the nights , getting up to go to the loo ,, day 13 after ovulation today ,, hope that helps


Mari26me - July 18

i am hoping for a bfp by the end of this week. I will post if i get one and let everyone know all of my early sypmtoms.


lisa2u2 - July 18

ye let us know , be march 2012 baby hopefully , like me


Mari26me - July 25

Well everyone[ looks like my instincts were right, I got 2 bfp's this morning!! I am currently 15dpo and af was 1 day late. So excited!!! good luck to everyone else!


lisa2u2 - July 25

glad you got a poss , and every thing goes well for you ,


elissmari - July 25

Happy for your positive test.... thought I'd comment since I may very well be in your shoes. My hubby and I just started trying this month for a baby and I believe we succeeded already. This will be somewhat of a miracle for us since I was just informed that I have a tilted pelvis and may have a hard time conceiving....However, since about a week after I ovulated I have been nauseous and throwing up in the a.m. and just recently have been getting severe indigestion at night. My b___sts have been feeling heavy and sore and the veins have been super blue. I have been crampy the past few days and just yesterday my lower back started hurting also. Today I have very itchy nipples (sorry if TMI). Anyway, waiting for AF to show if it is going to.... have taken a couple HPT but have been negative probably because it's too early. I guess when you start trying to get pregnant you should be prepared to be pregnant soon! Totally threw me off guard.....but in a good way. :)


graceanne - July 27

Ok, so here's my dilema.... just about a week ago I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend. We have always used the pull out method, (keep in mind this was just two days after I finished my period so I was obviously ovulating) well this time, he "forgot" because he "got lost in the moment" and just yesterday he did it again... ever since the first time it feels like there is no room in my uterus anymore like it's "filled" or "swollen" or something like that... and I've been getting cramps the past several days kind of like menstural cramps but slightly worse, a headache, bone/muscle pains, and my appet_te is way out of whack... I can usually go out to eat somewhere I love and just keep eating, well now when I go to those same places I get sick to my stomach after just a few bites.. could it all just be in my head ? or could this be something serious? I know it's too early to take the test right now, that's why I wanted to ask and get some opinions... please help.. i do not want to be 16 and pregnant... HELP ):


dallas.nicole - July 28 do not ovulate 2 days after your period.. you ovulate roughly 14 days after the first day of your period (in a perfect world). What you're feeling could be lots of things, you may be ovulating right now! With the rise in estrogen and notorious progesterone women often find they feel pregnant when ovulating (i do and I've been pregnant 3 times *all miscarriages and still births). That being said, if you are pregnant you either have one heck of a luteal phase or your period wasn't really a period. If you're feeling all of this already (which with my last pregnancy I started having intense symptoms at 4wks *when my period was due) a pregnancy test WILL show positive. If you're that worried, go to planned parenthood. It's free, the people are non-judgmental, discreet and 100% confidential (even from your parents). At the very least you need to be on birth control. The pull out method DOES NOT WORK. I am alive and walking this earth because 20 years ago my parents thought that was a good form of birth control. That sticky stuff that comes out of your boyfriends p___s when its hard, is PACKED with sperm. Mother Nature wants us all pregnant. And she's a tricky b****. Just go to planned parenthood, please. I had my first miscarriage at 16 and it really has ruined my life. I can't even get excited when I get a positive pregnancy test anymore. The joy, excrement and overall wonderful feeling women usually feel with 2 pink lines, is overwhelmed with fear, discouragement, anxiety and worry. I am happily married and want so badly to give my husband our first living child but even he can't be happy about a positive test anymore due to our losses, our last (in may) being our worst. no one wants to find out their daughters heart unexplainably stopped beating.. I just don't want you to be in my shoes in 4 years nor do I want to see you on MTV's 16 and pregnant next season. Just go to planned parenthood. And either step up to the plate and be a responsible adult and a mother, or simply take a pill every day so that you can continue being a kid for a few years (which is what I wish I would have done at your age).


dallas.nicole - July 28

I had a comment for the creator of this thread but get a little distracted obviously lol sorry Okay here it is. BFN 9dpo (expected cause its early) now 10dpo and a .3 degree dip. Implantation maybe? Anyone have a dip that late and end up not being pregnant afterall?mari, have you tested yet? What were your results? I will test again at 16dpo and will post my results.I have bloodwork august 4 to check for auto immune and blood clotting disorders and was told "no birth control, no aspirin, no cold medicines, blah blah blah and fast for 12 hours prior." I have a sensitive lady part so condoms are out of the question (so much yeast you'd think I was making bread EW) and if I'm pregnant it will taint the results sooo you can see why I'm under pressure because due to my 3 consecutive losses I really want to find out what's happening.


Mari26me - July 28

Dallas - I did take a test and got a bfp at 15dpo(or af was 1 day late). I cannot comment on a dip in temp because I never track my temps, sorry.:( I tested from 10dpo-14dpo with all bfn`s, now I realize that was way too early to test. Good luck and I hope you get your bfp soon!!!


dallas.nicole - July 28

Thanks for the speedy reply! and I wish you a happy and healthy 9 months! Congratulations!


graceanne - July 28

Dallas, I know you do not start ovulating, you start ovulating the first day of your period, and like you said you ovulate for roughly 14 days. My period lasted approximately 4 days, which is completely normal for me. I'm sorry if I upset you, I'm honestly just worried because This has never happened to me before and I've never felt this way this soon after s_x.. I'm sure you can understand why I'm scared, and trust me, I don't want to be the next 16 and Pregnant or Teen Mom, not the thing I look forward to the most . But thank you very much for your reply, I'm glad to have gotten your opinion and I will pray for you as well and hope that you can give your husband what you really want. You seem like an extraordinary lady, I wish you luck. You deserve it.



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