Super Faint Line

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lalla - June 1

My husband I bd the day before I had a huge amount of ewmc - I think I ovulated 3 days later. We then bd a few days after ovulation. (sick during actual ovulation so we were not in the mood!). Anyhow, if I ovulated when I think I did (I don't temp, so I don't know exactly)my period is due between Tueday and Thursday. I am super curious so I did a test today.... I had a super, super, super faint line - so faint I was afaid it was imagination... anyone else taken test and it was almost imaginary, but a few days later became stronger? I have felt slightly nauseus on and off, and I was so snappy over the weekend I had to apologize to my husband... my stomach feels a little tense and I have been eating like a horse - salami and cheetos - two things I never eat....


Krissy68 - June 1

lalla - I would wait a few more days and test again. Good Luck and I am keeping my fingers cross that you get your BFP. Please let us know. Krissy68


Grandpa Viv - June 1

Slight nausea, appet_te change and emotional are significant if not normal PMS. How about tired, peeing more, wet, or other little things? Test a gain next weekend to see if the line is getting stronger. Good luck!


lalla - June 1

Thank you to both of you for answering. Grandpa Viv: Yes, I am tired, which I also am with PMS, I have had a few days were I had to pee more, but it has been sporadic (did not have the pee symptom with my first born), I am having more discharge, but I think I remember more with my firstborn. So, chances are great that nothing happened this month. I am constipated, but I ususally have that with PMS as well.... I just got a little carried away with the super faint line.... I guess we will see on friday (If af did not arrive I will test then). I don't feel pregnant like I did with my firstborn...


Krissy68 - June 2

lalla - Keeping everything cross for you. I hope Friday will bring good news. Now I do have a question for you or Granpa Viv I am currently on cd 19/5dpo and I know this is really early to be having any signs of anything but this cycle has kinda been weird to me. I am normally 7 days heavy but this cycle I was only 5 days and on cd 1 it was real light and pink and on the last day which was cd 5 I only spotted and it was pink and now for the last few days I notice I am having a lot of creamy cm and my b___bs are real sore to the touch. Dose this mean anything? Also when should I take a hpt? I have heard of some women taking hpt as early as 6dpo and get a bfp. Do you ladies beleive this? I will not be on tomorrow because it is my birthday so I took off from my day job but what sucks is I have to work my night job. Anyway I have to renew my d.l cause it actually expire tomorrow and I have a eye appointment. I hope you ladies have a nice evening and I will talk to you soon. Krissy68


lalla - June 3

Hi krissy68 - I have had the same thing happen to me. usually periods are 7ish days long with early heavy (3 days) and then taper off. But once in a while it starts slow, increase to heavy, and then taper off. If you bd during your ovulation, I would say that lots of creamy discharge is good! Unless if you itch - then it is most likely a yest infection (which sometimes happens in early pregnancy!) I would wait until atleast 14 dpo, because -in my opinion0 it is not worth it getting your hopes up or down by testing early. Happy birthday and keep me posted with your symptoms and everything!


kimberly - June 3

I would bet you are pregnant. I had a super faint almost not there positive line with my daughter at 12 days past ovulation. A day after my period was due it was much darker and I was definately pregnant. Good Luck, and definately retest!


missie9499 - June 3

I was in the same boat - I took EPT and "thought" I could see the + but then thought I was imagining it. I went out and purchased first response (easier to read) and took two more test, both had faint lines, however the second one I took the line was darker. Took a test at the dr yesterday and they said a faint line is a line - you are probably a go!


Krissy68 - June 4

lalla - Thanks for the advice and I will try and hold off. I take my temp every day so when my temp start going down then I know AF is coming. I will wait until I am at least 14dpo. Thank you for the birthday wish and I will keep you posted. I'm waiting on you to test tomorrow I can't wait I am keeping you in my prayers and my fingers are cross. missie9499 - Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Krissy68


lalla - June 5

congrats kimberly and missie9499!! Good luck to you Krissy 68 - when is it that you can test again? How are you feeling? I caved an tested yesterday - nothing... no faint line or anything.... but my period is still not here... according to my calculations am 15 or 16dpo... i will test tomorrow morning if it is not here yet. With my daughter, I had a faint line on 18dpo. I feel as if my period will get here any moment though, so I keep going to the bathroom once an hour....!:~) I wish either that I could get a positive or my period to come, because I hate this waiting thing...


kimberly - June 5

I hope you get your positve soon! I however am not pregnant right now or do I want to be. I got my faint positive with my daughters pregnancy, she is 21 months now. I am done having babies I have 3, 2 boys and my girl. I normally would be posting on the toddler care forum but it has completely died out. Keep us posted!


Krissy68 - June 5

lalla - I haven't tested yet I am only cd 22/8dpo but my temp are steady going up I will test one day next week. I am a__suming AF will be here between June 13-15 I will let you know. I have a question for you you said your test had no lines not even the control line? If that is the case then your test is invalid so you should test again. Keeping my fingers cross but now I will not find out until Monday. Have a great weekend. Kimberly - congratulation on your little family. Krissy68


Krissy68 - June 10

Hey girls I just wanted to give a quick update. I am currently on cd27/13dpo and my temp took a nose dive from yesterday 98.39 to 97.94. I know when my temp start going down the AF will be here she should be here between 12-15. Here is what I am experiencing: bloating, constipation, fatigue, creamy cm, lower back pain, some dizziness, irritated, cramps, ga__sy. I will keep you all updated. I did take a hpt test on 6/3 (6dpo) it was Negative and then I took another on 6/8 (11dpo) it was Negative again. Talk to you all soon. Krissy68


Krissy68 - June 11

Hey girls I just wanted to let you know that AF found me at 3am. Krissy68


princesa08 - June 17

hello all. I had s_x May 27 and a few days ago i was spotting but only enough to see when i wiped. i took 3 test and i saw a very faint almost white line for each right after i peed on the stick. i dont want to a__sume but ive had the light pink mucus-like spotting, cramping, backaches, headaches, and my b___sts feel huge. i feel like im going insane lol. please help



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