Super Faint Positive Please Tell Me What You Think

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amy w - May 11

hi ladies, i just took a hpt and got what i think to believe a faint positive, i have to really look to see it, but my husband sees it too, and i am not sure what to think. i got my period, a day late, but it lasted for about 5 days, which is a little short for me, but it also had almost not clotting, and i have been feeling 'weird' lately as well. i really dont know what to think, because i did have heavy bleeding with my last pregnancy, and at first everything was fine, and ultimatly it resulted in a miscarriage, so i am really nervous right now. please tell me what you guys think, i was thinking that i should retest in the morning with my fmu, and see where that leads me, but if it does show a more clear positive do you think that i should go to the ER to make sure that i am ok? please help, and let me know what you all think, thank you so much.


Hanna - May 11

They do say that a faint positive is still a positive. I think you should go ahead with your plan and test again. Don't know if tomorrow is a good idea because it may be very faint again. Try and wait just a little longer, if you can, ok? If you can't stand the stress and worry all the time I think you should make an appointment with your doctor right away. Hopefully s/he can rea__sure you and relieve you of your stress. Wishing you all the best and loads of babydust!


amy w - May 11

thank you hanna. i was thinking that i might want to wait a couple of days as well, but i also want to know so that i know where to go. like i said, i am scared of the same result as my last pregnancy, and i really dont know what to think or do, but thank you again for responding so quickly.


a - May 11



stacey - May 11

hey Amy W- I hope it's true- did you take the test and look at it in the right time frame? if so, can't see why it wouldn't be true! take it again in the am in a few days to make sure :)


Alison - May 11

Amy I have replied to your e.mail. Please keep me updated.... xxx


amy w - May 11

hi ladies! stacey, i did get the faint positive with in the first 3 mins. thank you all for responding to my post. and thank you alison, i will keep you posted for sure!


amyw - May 11

then I would trust it, but def. test again in a few days...YEAH for you guys :)


superbadchick - May 12

Yes, indeed they say a faint positive is a positive, but I would retest again. I got a faint positive followed by 5 negatives, and I too had someone look at the test to make sure I wasn't imagining the line.


superbadchick - May 12

By the way - I just got my period - late too, 14 days. & It is only 3 days & i'm usually 5-7, sometimes 8 days.


amy w - May 12

hi ladies! well, bad news, i went and got a blood test and ultrasound etc...nothing! i am so confused, because i didnt think that it was possible to get a false positive. so far even the hcg says not pregnant...i havent actually gotten the results yet, but i just feel as though its not so. i am so disappointed, and not only that, but i feel so stupid for going, and wasting everyones time, when i am sure there were women there that really needed the attention. thank you for all that responded to my post and all of the nice responses you gave, i really appreciate that. amy


enail - May 12

amy w--you did not waste anyone's time! That is what we are here for. It sounds like you might have caught what they call a "chemical pregnancy," since hpts can now detect such low doses of hcg, women more often catch a pregnancy that does not end up "holding" (for lack of a better word). Before these very sensitive tests, you might have thought you just got a late period. In other words, it is a very, very early miscarriage. Let us know if you get different news! Best of luck to you*****


aimee - May 12

a faint positive is still a positive. i would recommend seeing your doctor ASAP. good luck to you.


amy w - May 12

thank you e-nail. i will keep you guys posted if there is any change :).



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