SUPER Light Pink Line On A Htp How Faint Is Too Faint

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Alison - August 29

how faint is too faint a line on a preg.test? I am 10 days pod and been feeling preg. af due tomorrow, couldn't wait and did test first thing in AM. at first I thought drat, neg.but then I held it to the light and tilted it and noticed a VERY faint pink line, after I saw it I could see it every time I looked. The box says a line in that box no matter how faint is a + but it is bairly there. Anyone have an opinion or info.? I am going crazy with obsession and I need relief!


cc - August 29

Did it show up in the first 10 minutes? If so, I'd say congrats are in order!!!


Alison - August 29

I should clairify- We did the deed on day 17 of my cycle I don't know for sure if I oed then, but if preg I must have.


Alison - August 29

yes, it was in the first 3 min.


Steph - August 29

Seems to me that you are pregnant if you got a faint line. I bet if you test again on Wednesday morning you will get a darker line...CONGRATS!


test-a-holic - August 29

I am trying to get pregnant with my 3rd, I am 11 dpo and still neg. Anyways with my second I tested 12 dpo and first it was negative, later on I pulled it out of the trash and it had a really tini-tiny litterly-only-for-me-visible line on it - my husband was laughing at me ------ but it came out I was pregnant. I am pretty sure YOU are. you are 10 dpo? that would seem about right for your HCG lever at that point. What test brand did you use?


alison - August 29

I used the exact brand -Superstore(Canada) I called the 1-800 # on the package and explained the line, they said to take it as +, and that 10 days pod is the earliest it reads so that is why it is so faint, I will test in a few days just to be +++ though.


test-a-holic - August 30

let us know how it came out..... I had a super-faint-line this morning... so I really would like to know how yours is coming - thanks


Alison - August 30

I re-tested with clear blue easy last night, I began to second guess the first line as an evap line after visiting, cool site though. anyway got another super faint + but being a different brand gave me hope, dh was skeptable though, had me questioning my sanity!! I tested again this am and a darker faint line appeared. no mistaking it, it is a +++. Today is the day af was due, so I guess these are the parells of early testing!!


Mica - August 30

CONGRATULATIONS! You're pregnant! How wonderful does that feel?? It just goes to show that any colored line that appears within the time limit is a positive. Colorless lines, or colored lines that appear aftrer the time limit are evap lines.


r - August 30

mine was in 3 min aswell with forst response not the early 1 but the 100ml 1 i was 10dpo wen i tested im going to do another tomorrow


Alison - August 30

I am thrilled! this is my third baby- I have two boys, now maybe I'll finally get a girl? I always joke that i'll have 5 boys. I love boys, but I've always wanted a daughter. Yet another thing we can't do a darn thing about.


kc - August 30

Alison - congrats on your bfp!!!!! You may want to check out this web site for fun. I'ts a gender predicing calender. It worked for predicting all 7 of my nieces and nephews and also several of my friends kids. Maybe you will be getting the little girl of your dreams. LOL



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