Surprise BFP

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Kally - August 9

Hi ladies, I have been a lurker around here for a while and have asked a couple of questions, and you have all been so helpful to me. Just wanted to share with you that I got a bfp yesterday - big surprise since I was on the pill. But my boyfriend seems happy about it so I am starting to get excited now. I really didn't have any symptoms till I missed my period, had some mild cramping and achy lower back when I was supposed to get it, then about a week later my bbs started to get really sore, so I got curious and took a hpt. It came up positive right away, the test line showed up before the control line did! This was exactly 2 weeks after my af was supposed to start. I also was very tired starting the week after I missed af, occasional heartburn and of course the VERY sore bbs, but that's about it so far. Hope this helps for anybody wondering about symptoms, if you have any more questions I will try to answer them. Good luck and baby dust to all!


Valerie - August 9

Congrats Kally! I got my bfp this morning, was a total shock since we'd just decided last month not to have a baby until a couple years from now...the saying is true, when you stop trying you get pg! I am on cd 32, my cycles range from 25 to 32 days, and I just tested because I hadn't started and my bbs have been sore for about 3 days, and I have been a bit tired this past week (also very busy though) but mine happened like you said, the test line showed up before the control line even did, and both lines are very dark! What brand did you use? I used the walmart Equate brand. Did you call your dr yet? I am still going to go get a few more tests tonight, I can't believe it yet, I am in shock. I don't feel pg! My dr said I didn't need to come in to confirm if I got a positive at home, she said they'd just do an hpt like I did so there was no need. I have my first appointment for an ultrasound sept 6.


faith - August 9



L - August 9

congratulations ladies


Lyn - August 9

hello ladies, i would like to share my story too. my partner and i have been trying for 9 months at the begining of this cycle i was fed up with getting my hopes up every month just to be let down every month so this month we stopped trying what they say is very true WHEN YOU STOP TRYING IT WILL HAPPEN........ on friday (5th Aug) i got my BFP i was only 4 days late i only had sore b___bs and my AF was late ....... last month i was 10 days late so i expected to see a neg but within 2 minutes a faint line came up and the longer it sat the darker the line got ........ then i thought no this cant be right it must be a faluty one so i did it again with another test and it was just the same as the first ........ i was in total shock ! so i rang the dr and got an appointment and took my first morning sample in and did another test at the dr and it was the same it was'nt untill yesturday (9th aug) that it has started to sink in that after all those months of trying im finally pregnant......... all i can say to woman out there is no matter how frutrated you get with ttc to stick with it, it will happen! it just takes time


Jen - August 9

Congrats Girls!!! Maybe y'all can stick around and help some of girls out lol. That's awesome.


Kally - August 10

Thank you and congratulations to Valerie and Lyn too! I actually used the cheap dollar test from Dollar General. Yesterday I had a blood test at the Dr and that was positive too so I guess it's official now. I really don't feel pregnant yet, it's hard to believe it, but it's starting to sink in. hope you all have a happy and healthy 9 months!


LilaLolly - August 10

Congrats To Kally, Valerie and Lyn. This is absolutely wonderful. I wish you are safe and healthy pregnancies. Oh and I have a kind of stupid question. When you call your doctor after you get the BFP do you call your gyno or an OBGYN? Because I don't have a OBGYN.



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