Survey BFN S Before BFP S

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Jane - November 21

How many of you pregnant (past or present_ received a BFN before your missd AF only to get a BFP shortly thereafter?? Curious to know what the percentage of "early" hpt's are...


mellissa - November 21

hi jane, i took a hpt at 12 dpo and got bfn. took two more at 15 dpo and got two faint lines. then took a digital one at 16 dpo and got definite "pregnant". with my last preg i got bfn two days before af was due, and two days later clear bfp. hope that helps!!!


Em - November 21

I took a First Resdponce Early Detection test 3 days before my af was due. I was 11dpo. I got a bfn. I took the same brand 13dpo (1 day b4 af was due) and got a bfp! I am now 9 weeks. With my first pregnancy two years ago I took the same brand 2 days before af and got my bfp. This brand says you can take it 4 days before your missed period. I was able to take it 2 days before.


bump - November 21



. - November 21


. - November 21

take out the the "-" but not the "_" in the address above.


to jane - November 21

i was 20 days late for my af before i got a bfp...and i probably had taken a dozen tests ALL negative...until on my 20th day late for af i got a clear BFP almost immediatly! now i am almost 11 weeks along! are you ttc, and are you currently late with negative tests? good luck to you, and i hope that i have helped some!


Saird - November 21

I got two BFN's before my BFP last time.


Jenny - November 21

I tested first about four days late and bfn, tested maybe three days later and got a bfp.


Shannon - November 21

I just tested today, 15dpo... BFN... still no AF. What's up with that?!


lisa - November 21

I did not get a BFP until 17 dpo, I probably O'ed late. So if no AF you are still in the running.


Jud - December 13

I got bfn's until 24dpo. Got my bfp on CD 48!


Frances - December 13

Shannon, that's really weird. Did you try again? Get AF? Anything?


kristen - December 13

i got a BFN a week after af was due ...stil nothing no af yet will test again this weekend....which wuld be CD48-50


why? - December 13

why can some women get a positive before AF is due, while others have to ge t many BFN's for so long??? Does it all have to do with ovulation time? I am 23 days late for AF, and have had a few negatives, so I am waiting until my next AF is due (a couple of days) to test again.


Shannon - December 13

Hi! Wow, this thread is back up? Cool. Actually, Frances, AF came a day after I posted that... go figure! Right now I am technically 7dpo. I think I may have ovulated 2 days early, so that could make me at 9dpo. I could only BD the day after "I think" I O'd and the day before I was supposed to O. Kinda confused..


Brook - December 14

On CD 41 and no AF. Both HPT and blood test is negative. Doctor wants me to take Provera to start my period but I don't want to do that yet. Any advice is appreciated.



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