Symptom Update How Do You Like My Chances

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bex - January 16

Hello everyone - here is an update - my AF is due on thursday and I am 11dpo. I have been having good symptoms (I hope) but here are the recent ones.. for the last week or so I have been having AF cramps and tightness in belly button, light headaches, hot flushes on my face, spider veins on bbs, I have also been hungry and thirsty. AF cramps have been a little stonger today and I have had a few stinging and tinggling sensations in bbs. CM still white and stretchy but not loads I have also had achy legs. I am dying to test.. does anyone think the signs are good? Is it too early to test?


bex - January 16

OOH I forgot to say I am very tired at around 4pm each day!!!


angelinakai - January 16

It is probably too early to test. I have all the same symptoms that you do except for the cm, and I tested this morning and got a bfn. i am not due for AF until friday though. good luck though. i know its sooo hard to wait. your symptoms look very promising!!! baby dust to ya :)


bex - January 16

Hey Thanx, I have getting BFN they are horrible aren`t they? I am scared that some syptoms are AF coming but I am rea__sured when I think symptoms have been around for a while - Did you get weird red marks on your bbs? I did on one but it has faded to a blotchy bit with spider veins underneath - my nipples itch too... When will you re test?


bex - January 16



kat34 - January 16

hi bex iam due af on thursday, i had itchy nips last week i got a thread going on itchy nips. i hope so much that iam pg but i have decided not to test till weekend if af doesnt come. iam sick of buying the tests the women at my local chemist knows my first name lol. every time i go in there she goes to the pg tests lol Kat xx


Grandpa Viv - January 16

Sounding good, bex. Hot flashes from progesterone surges. The belly b___ton post we see quite often, though I never have read an explanation. If money is no object you can test first morning pee with a 25 mIU/ml sensitive test starting now, or you can wait to see if AF shows and then test Sat morning when you are not in a rush. Good luck!


bex - January 16

Hey Kat and Grandpa Viv, Thanx for advice. I am a test addict too, I have got some cheaper internet strip tests that are supposed to be 99% accurate, I think they are only 10 mIU though so may not be good enough for testing so early - I just want to know!!! GoodLuck Kat


angelinakai - January 16

bex... bfns are horrible!! I hate them. i didnt get weird red marks on my bbs, but i got the dark blue veins and my nips have lil white bumps on them. I am going to the dr wed bc of something else and Im going to go ahead and get a blood test while im there. what about you? when will you retest? im glad that Grandpa Viv said that these are good signs since i have them too hehe. im so excited... please keep us updated on your symptoms and tests. Kat... that is funny about the chemist hehe. i have only taken 2 tests this month which is good for me, but it is always, constantly in the back of my mind. Grandpa Viv... you are sooo awesome... thanks for all of your help!!


DestinyJx88 - January 17

Hello everyone.... my sypmtoms latley i have spider veins on my b___bs like going from my nipples, i get tired threw out the day to where i could really take a nap, i have alot of cm ..i get really hot then i get cold i dont know if thats a sign or not today is my first late day of my period and i took a test and it was a BFN i was pretty upset... i dont know if im just not pregnant.. or what? maybe i took a test to early.. ill wait a little longer but what do you ladies think?


Lin - January 17

Bex, the LESS sensitive tests are 50 mIU/mL, so if yours are 10 mIU/mL, they'd be MORE sensitive. Are you sure they are? I don't think I've seen any more sensitive than 25.


bex - January 17

Hiya Lin, yep you are right - I double checking on the instructions and they say 10 mIU and test from day of AF. They are ultra test strips... does anyone thing they are not good - did one this morning I was sure it would be positive and as usual BFN!! AF due on Thursday - had more AF type cramps today - I keep thinking its coming!! The only thing that is different that gives me hope is that I have been in a really good mood when PMS usually puts me in a bad mood!!!



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