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Kaija - September 5

What are thes symptoms of being only a few weeks pregnet


Ranae - August 26

I would like to know this also although I have already had a doctor confirm that I am about 2 weeks pregnant (blood test). I currently have very tender nipples. What concerns me though is I have general aching in my lower back (above the tailbone) and abdomin however, no spotting. I also feel wet constantly. Is this normal for only being about 2 weeks?


erica - September 5

how do you know if your pregnet


Viv - September 5 has links for early signs of pregnancy. says backache in early pregnancy is not uncommon


hyde - September 5

one good symptom is a missed period of cos. but missed period can be caused by so many things, so a missed period on its own aren't that reliable. but a missed period accompany by symptoms like fatigue (extreme tiredness), morning sickness (vomit n nausea, feeling queasy), tender/swollen/sensitive b___sts/nipples, aching back, frequent urination, increased appet_te, acne/pimples breakout, increase in discharge, dizziness, spotting/light bleeding, constipation, moodiness, heartburn, bloating/gasy will be a good indication of pregnancy. the list goes on n on, but these r the few common symptoms. as for Ranae, lower backache is very common in pregnancy n is unlikely to go away anytime soon. When u get pregnant, your body send out this signal n ligaments loosen n bones soften around pelvic area n lower back to prepare it for easier birth, n thus that backache. softening of the bones allow baby to go through much easier during birth. minor cramping around abdominal area is common too, it is caused by ur uterus stretching to accommodate your developing embryo. as for the feeling wet, it is cause by increasing discharge n this helps to block out infections to the embryo. Good luck to both of you!



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