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Jen - May 18

Period is almost 3 weeks late. I have taken 3 tests all came back negative. I have been eating more recently, mainly bread and cereals. Have been really gassy. Dont feel like period is close but I dont really feel pregnant either (not that I would know what this feels like!) I feel like I have out on a bit of extra weight around my stomach and face. Anyone had similar experiences? Could do with some help!


Jen - May 18

I have also been extra tired, and cry at the slightest things on tv!!!


Jennifer - May 18

Sounds like you could be pregnant. I'm wondering if I conceived earlier than last month. I've been really exhausted lately and I, like you, would think I was pregnant, but would test negative. Since last month, my stomach has been poofing out more and when I didn't get my period last week, which was late, I tested and it came out positive! I just went to my regular doctor today, but he referred me to an OB/GYN and she had a phone interview with me today and said that I was too early to see anything on the Ultrasound and so I have an appointment on June 1st! So, I'm still not sure how far along I am...I'm thinking at least 8 weeks. According to her calculations, maybe only 6...but I am showing a little already. I may need maternity clothes by my appointment! I've been noticing that I'm ga__sy the last 3 days...LOL Some days, I feel pregnant, but today I didn't really...I know what you mean! Good luck!


Darla - May 19

Hi, This is probably going to sound like a crazy question, but when you say ga__sy, do you mean burps or expelling gas. I am due for AF the 22nd or 23rd and have been having a lot of symptoms - pulling, achy feelings all across abdomen low, tired, b___st sore when get up and when take off bra, soooo weepy, sneezing and nose itching......and lots of burping. At first I just thought it was whatever I was eating but as time goes on wondering if it's more. Baby dust to you both!!


Michelle - May 19

I have been burping a little bit, My b___bs are tender, and hurt when I take off my bra and when I get out of bed in the morning.I was to ovulate on 5/1 felt ovulation on 4/30. Had intercourse 4/29,4/30 and 5/4. Note I felt the pain some women get when ovulating. AF was due on 5/14,Tuesday 5/17 I tested got a BFN. But I did test in the middle of the day after frequent urination. Still no haven't gotten AF. I have cramping but not like when af is coming. If I was ovualting had s_x what would cause conception not to occur? and where is AF!!



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