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K. - October 10

Hi, I know all of the regular symptoms, but wanted to hear from real women... I am ttc first month off the pill, I'm 7 days late , but that could be because I just stopped the pill in early Sept. My belly feels really heavy, I'm a tiny person, don't know if the weight gain is a side effect of stopping the pill, my face broke out, my nipples have weird bumps around them... Preg test neg. I guess I'll wait another week and then go see my doctor. Anyone else have different symptoms?


dan - October 10

I am having similar smptoms. Although I had a IUD coil removed and I too also thought it may be a symptoms of having it removed. My period is 14 days late. Good luck!


j - October 10

I have similar symptoms but also i am experiencing heartburn almost every time I eat this is very unusual for me. I also have been getting regular headaches. I am only 5 days late but fingers crossed.


Laura - October 10

I had an my IUD removed on July 21st 2005. I conceived on Aug 1, 2005.


staci - October 10

K. i was ten days late when i got off of the pill and had the same symptoms, was so sure i nailed it! you still could be though, def see your doc if no af by next week and good luck! J- i am 3 days late and have had heartburn for the past week only after i eat...same as with my maybe this is our month! congrats laura! and good luck dan!


krob - October 10

Hi I went off the pill in late and my AF was 24 days months everytime now except the once. I have read both that it can take up to 6 months to get your cycle normalized after being on the pill and all the b___b symptoms can be a side effect off going off of it but I lso read that the first month going off the pill is also the esaiest to conceieve because your hormones are so out of whack it make conception easier. so good luck


jenn - October 10

what did you find out about this i am having the same things all pregnancy test are negative but i just got off bc maybe its that. what was yours?


K. - October 10

I guess I'll just have to wait and see... I hope I am though... Before the pill, I always had regular cycles so I am hoping that still applies.... Anyone else?


Renee - October 10

Hi K. Ok, I was in the same boat as you. Was on the Pill for 8 years. Went off in July. I used Clearblue Easy ovulation tests to figure out when I was ovulating because I am also very irregular. Your body will go through an adjustment period. (Pimples and all that will go away next month) Anyway, I used the Ovulation kit and now I'm one month PG with only three months of trying! I would highly, HIGHLY recommend going to your drug store and using the Clearblue easy urine sticks to monitor your ovulation days. ***BABY DUST****



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