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Juliebell - February 19

Hey all, I am new here, although I have been following along for awhile!! Anyway I am just wondering for all of you that got your bfp, if you didn;t have any symptoms during the tww? All I have been feeling is really tired, thats about it? Just asking for a little hope, I won't be testing until the weekend!! Thanks


Juliebell - February 20

Anyone?? Please give me some hope that I might get my bfp!! Thanks


krissy2006 - February 20

You need to give us more information. Like when did you ovulate, when did you have s_x... when was your lmp??? we can't even begin to speculate until we have more info. Fatigue alone is not a good sign of pregnancy. In fact it is a good sign of stress which can prevent pregnancy. Give us more info and we can encourage and support your better. :)


Juliebell - February 20

Sorry, I guess that would help!! lmp was Jan 25th, positive opk on feb 11th, bd feb 6 through feb 13 inclusive. I am usually on a 32 day cycle. Thank you!!


Grandpa Viv - February 20

Great exposure, good indication of ovulation at expected time, unusually tired is a prime sign, Not ga__sy, peeing, wet, runny nose, appet_te or any of the lesser signs? Keep hoping anyway. Plenty of women are pregnant and claim they had no signs worth talking about. Good luck!


hopefulljules - February 21

Holy Moly! We have the EXACT same cycle! And the same name! I also have some symptoms, but I feel like maybe it's too soon to have them but I dont' know. I have heartburn, peeing more, tired, runny nose. Let I think I'm going to wait and test next Tue unless af comes before then. How old are you, and were are you from? And how long have you been ttc?


nan007 - February 21

I have had very few symptoms. I am expecially missing the big one that I noticed everyone else has - sore bb's....mine feel fine. In fact they would be more sore if AF was coming. But I have experienced mild cramping for over a week now....nothing to be concerned about just a little on and off cramping.


Juliebell - February 21

Thanks for responding!! Today I am feeling a bit ga__sy (very pleasant I know!!), I also am feeling a bit more of an appet_te, but I am always worried it is all in my head!! Hopefulljules, very cool that we are on the same cycle, I hope I have the same patience as you and not test until at least Sunday. I am 23, from Alberta, Canada and have been ttc for 6 mos following mc. How about you? Nan, my bbs aren;t very sore, maybe a tiny bit, but not like everyone descrbes!! When will you all test?


hopefulljules - February 21

I really don't have much patients. I just feel like maybe this month is our month, and I don't want to risk having a false neg. I'm 21 and from a VERY smalll town in West Texas. I have been married for 2 years and haven't taken any measured to prevent preg since then, but only been trying for a few months. Today I still have all the same symptoms I have been having, but this afternoon I started getting some cramps in my lower back that make me think AF is on the way. Who ever knows!



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