Symptoms But Neg Preg Test

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VickyA. - September 19

ok, so, i took three preg test two 5 weeks ago, one 3 weeks ago. the first was invalid and the other two were neg. and i know that is very unlikely that i am preg, but i keep having symptoms that i didnt know pregnant women had! and it wasnt til i started reading these forums that i realized pregnant women have these symptoms! such as increased heart rate, like when im relaxed or sleep i can feel my heart beat through out my entire body pretty much. and i get the hiccups all the time, when i havent even had the hiccups since i was like 13! lol! and lastly my ribs hurt usually on my left side - and this is all just starting to happen within the last month or so really. if i am pregnant i believe i would be 16 weeks. as stupid as this sounds, i tried laying on my back and feeling something, but im not sure, because im afraid it's all in my head...haha! and sometimes i feel something, but im never sure if it's gas or not - i just always assume it's gas...oh, and the reason being im always Gassy! like 24/7!!! literally, ive never had so much gas in my life til just recently! im not trying to be gross and i apologize if i grossed anyone out - but i dont ever feel pregnant...i guess, i dont know what it feels like...sometimes ill get a tickle near my belly button - but since im heavy, i cant really tell if im showing or not... im not even sure if the baby is near the belly too scared to go to the doctor, too many people from my church go there and im not - that being said...oh, and ive also had these symptoms along with the regular being tired etc, dizzy spells, and i thought maybe i had high blood pressure - even though ive never had problems with my blood pressure before...and my mentrul has been very light last only a couple days and i skipped a month. arent pregnancy test accurate tho?


Tiffany814 - September 19

Do you have normal periods? Or are you irregular? Since it's been 3 weeks, take another test and see what it says. As for the would the people from your church not know you were just there for a regular exam? Everything that goes on in that room is confidential. I really suggest going and getting some bloodwork done if you continue to feel this way. Good Luck!


Grandpa Viv - September 21

You need to invent some excuse to go to the doctor - blood pressure check, weight control, menstrual problems or whatever. Maybe you are pregnant and maybe something else needs attention. Good luck!


VickyA. - September 21

yes my periods are v ery regular, like clock work, and i will invent a problem, something that requires a worms! symptoms are similar to preg - vomiting, nausea, xcept diarreah - what do you guys think? well, i would have to go to the emergency room, since i dont have insurance anymore with my parents, and i know a few people that go to my church work in the ER and they would more than likely ask me why i am there - i mean, they may end up seeing my charts anyway - and i know they have to keep my confidentiality...but, even so, i cant let my parents find out until i move, and since im heavy, i can hide it for a while...Thank you guys SOOO much!!!!


jennlynn - September 22

i am an ER nurse (10 yrs) and now in the heli...I can honestly say half the people we see are only wanting preg tests. they wont do an ultrasound for worms. BUT heres what gets an automatic one- abdominal pain with v____al bleeding. abdominal pain alone usually wins a CT scan which if preg, you dont want the dye so dont lie-they will rule out appendicitis and other belly stuff before doing an ultrasound unless you think its girly related. So if you are going to create a problem, lower abdominal pain, right OR left sided, wierd bleeding and no problems with urination-usually resembles ovarian cysts, ect so ultrasound is usually done...if that helps....GL


POOF - September 22

i'm shocked that an ER nurse would condone wasting hospital, nursing and physician resources for a pregnancy test. try wasting my time like that at my hospital and see how far it gets you. oh and the best part is who's going to pay? the state? brilliant advice.


jennlynn - September 22

WOW. seeing how the poor girl obviously has noone else to turn to, i would much rather treat someone who would otherwise go untreated and maybe have another problem, than to treat the usual crackheads that i do. thanks for being so harsh.


clindholm - September 23

A regular doctor can address her concerns and do the testing, there is no reason to lie and have expensive testing at the cost of honest tax payers. If someone is responsible enough to have unprotected s_x, they are responsible enough to see a doctor and pay for it themselves. Take another pregnancy test, you don't need an ER.


POOF - September 23

emergency rooms are not clinics. they are EMERGENCY rooms. heartattack, stroke, gun shot, burst appendix...emergency. not an 'i'm too scared to go to the dr' clinic. i'm sure there are plenty of programs available in her area specifically to treat uninsured pregnant women (or possibly pregnant women). and i'm sure at 4 months a pregnancy test would be pretty effin accurate. and i have to agree with clindholm, if you cant afford the condom then you cant afford the baby. close your legs and get on some birth control. this failing healthcare system is already taxed enough by legitimately sick people who can't afford care. that being said, it can't hurt to see a dr for general blood a clinic if necessary, not an ER.


clindholm - September 24

Bravo, Poof! Couldn't have said it better!


summerlove - September 24

Hi. I would recommend going to the doctor and get checked out. I definitely do not think that poking by your belly b___ton could be a baby. At 16 weeks, if lucky, all you will feel are flutters (like b___terflies) VERY low in your abdomen. As for the other symptoms, yes, it can be your head playing tricks on you or it might be pregnancy. Only a doctor can tell you. Take a test, if it comes out negative, call the doctor and demand a blood test. Otherwise, they will make you waste your time by doing a urine test at their office.



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