Symptoms But Negative Test Results

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jenice - March 24

Hi. I haven't been on bc for several months now, as my doctor and I are trying to find an antidepressant that works for me (without dealing with the "pill" was really hard on me). This month, my period didn't show up. I had slight cramps, headaches, felt dizzy, felt extremely nauseous (and still do) in mornings and at night, pee all of the time, and need tons of sleep, naps, etc. My br___ts aren't extremely tender (and they usually are when I'm menstruating). I took a home pregnancy test once my period was officially 5 days late, and again when it was 2 weeks late and both tests were negative. However, the latest one was really light (I could barely even see the "negative" line on the clearblue test) and when I looked at it again 2 hours later I could see a very faint vertical line in the top half of the circle. Am I just too hopeful, or does anyone else have trouble reading clearblue tests too? Do you think I could be pregnant?


Jena - March 24

You could very well be pregnant - you may need to wait a bit to test again - try waiting until at least Saturday or Sunday, and use first morning urine. With any test, after 10 minutes, any lines are null and void. So the one that was 2 hours later doesn't count. I think you could be prego, so relax and take another hpt this weekend. Good luck!


help from a friend - March 24

well im 17 and took thos befor just like u... c because u just got off birth controle it will do that to u... and not always r the test results right because of the birth control..... the reason i no is because it happend to my friend.... also i dought u r also for the reason it takes 6-12 months for bc to get out of ur system.... so i think ur just getting ur hopes up... but id make an appointment with ur doctor tell them u want to take a blood pregnancy test not the pee one... cuz the blood one seperates the bc from the cells well im me anytime ok madd luv a friend


D - March 24

If you really think you might be pregnant, try another brand of test. Some people don't test positive even if they are pregnant... But... you could still be irregular from quitting the pill. It usually takes several months to even out. You can become pregnant immediately after stopping the pill... its just different for everyone. I have a friend who didn't stop the pill, but got sick and threw one up right after she took it... and she has a beautiful 8 year old daughter to prove it.



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