Symptoms But Period 11 Days Away

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Clara - November 19

My husband and I have started tryng to have a baby. I recently stopped using the patch which works just like the pill, so after the my period on Nov. 2nd, i didn't start a new patch pack. My next period is not due until Nov. 30 but I have had cramping, lots of gas and discharge (first clear now light yellow). I have also felt nauseated for the last week and a half but do not have sore br___t. Last week I noticed a spot of very light blood. The spotting only happened that once. It's probably too early to take a hpt but I really want to know if I'm pregnant or is it just in my head.


angela - November 19

clara, i have been haveing the smae symothems as you and iam scared i might be pregnant. but i had a dr. appt on wed. if you find out before me let me kno please


ashley - November 19

Im in the same boat. My period is not due tell the end of the month. (i started my last period on halloween) But whats with the gas thing? is that a pregnancy symptom? I don't have nausea but have a lot of pressure down there. and pee like you wouldn't believe. gals let me know how it all turns out


angela d - November 20

it took me being off the nuva ring for a 2 months b4 i was able to get pregnant but everyone is different. I am pregnant with our 2nd baby. Feeling crampy like you are going to start, gas and bloating....ah yes...all normal. But see your doctor to confirm you are pregnant. Good luck!


Austin - November 20

I'm in the same boat as well, not being due for my period until Nov 26th. But I've been having symptoms and feel like I almost just "know" that I'm pregnant. I've had pressure and noticed dark blue veins on my b___sts and I've been very tired lately. I took one HPT, but it was negative. I feel like it's much too soon, so I'll wait and retest on the 26th if I haven't started my period by then. If I do start, I'll be disappointed!



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