Symptoms Decreasing

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Zoe - December 4

I have been monitoring each day of this month very closely and I seemed to have all the right symptoms - but they are lessening! My br___ts were very tender, but now, not so much. I had some very tired days last week - this week, not so much! I think I had what my be implantation bleeding 5 days before Pd, so took an early detection test and it was neg. I had bloating and cramps and was sure I was getting my period (due Dec 6), but this morining, cramps are gone. Is this common to have a decrease in symptoms? I hope someone can tell me they felt the same cause I'm driving myself crazy


Elle - December 4

I absolutely felt the same way! I was pretty tired, my b___sts were very sore and tender (moreso than they've ever been), I started spotting about 4 days before my expected period, which I thought might be implantation bleeding, but here I am on the day my period is due - no sore b___sts, had cramps when I got up, but now they're gone, and am not really bleeding yet, so I don't know what to think! I feel like I am probably not pg, but I'm still not sure. Plus, all the stuff I've read on here about women having their period and still being pregnant is really confusing!


Zuly - December 4

I Have felt like that before my period. And when my period come there's no symptoms.


Leahp - December 6

I have been experiencing sorta the same thing, I had cramps for like two weeks, but last week there were three days I felt fluish, and my friend said that's exactly how she felt, but it just never becomes a full b__wn flu and then the next day I'm fine!!! What the hell??? I feel fine besides those two things, I can't ever tell about being overly tired because I'm always tired anyways since my job requires me to wake up at 4:30am, eek!! But now this week, no cramps! I start my period on the 14th, so I usually have pms signs by now, is it possible for them not to happen if I'm pregnant?



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