Symptons Concerns

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Jill - December 14

Ive been taking birth control for a couple of months now.. There has been 1 or 2 occasions when i forgot to take my pill, and still had intercourse, that same night.. Me and my bf do use condoms, but first when we start off, he doesnt use one, then before he c_ms, he pulls out.. I was due to have my period, on sunday, and now its tuesday and i still havent gottten it.. I have back pains, and my stomach cramps, like im having my period, but i havent gotten it.. ive been feeling nausasa in the morning, and feeling like i have to vomit.. I took a preg test about a month ago, and it said it was Neg.. what should i do? do u think im pregnant, or is it just all in my head?


T - December 14

Jill (cool name, BTW-mine too, lol) having s_x without protection even if he doesn't c_m has a 9% chance of getting you pregnant. Wait until your period is more than a week late before you take that test. Am I correct in a__suming you are young? You know the pill takes a while to regulate your periods... are you supposed to start in the pill cycle yet? A lot of pregnancy symptoms are also pill side effects for the first couple of months or so. I would go see your Dr. if you are really that worried. The earlier you know, the earlier you can decide what to do if you are pregnant. I hope everything works out all right for you.


Christine - December 15

Jill as T said...birthcontrol could make this very tricky...if you have only been on it for a few months...being late is actually not a large concern...the pill can change your cycle...and skipping pills can also account for does sound like you have some symptoms of pregnancy...Wait a week or so...then test again..if the test is still negative call your doc and ask for a blood test...staying on the pill and being pregnant is not a great for the pull out method...well I got pregnant with this method...and the pill is not 100% fool proof so be careful...good luck


jill - December 15

I just got my period this morning.... Can I still be pregnant.. Also, even though we use protection, and he does do the pull out method.. can i still get pregnant, without him realzing me c_med or me feeling it?


Christine - December 16

Yes Jill you can have bleeding in pregnancy..more common in the first 3 months..and yes if you read my previous is very possible to get pregnant using the pull out method...chances are your cycle was messy due to the usage of b/c...try to use it daily...if you forget a lot you may want to talk to your doc about getting the shot..good luck


jill - December 16

Like for awhile now, in the mornings, id feel yucky,, and always have headaches. Can he/me feel it if he c_ms? Ya Ive messed up these 2 past months on my birthcontrol? what should i do, or you recommend.. I took a test last month and it was Neg, then i got my period.. I still have cramps, and did forawhile, back cramps, but now i just thought it was bc of my period


danielle - January 9

do you have pains around your stomach when you are pregnant


kat - January 9

yes danielle you can get them,its normal.


Vi - January 9

The only way to be pretty sure that you are not going to get pregnant if you mess up your pills is to use a condom, just to be on the safe side. What's easier, a condom or a baby? I am not being saecastic, I am being honest.


kat - January 9

well said vi!



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