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cassie - July 1

i think i may be pregnant i am 15 and if i was i would be about a wekk a week and a half and i have been felling nausiated for a couple days now and had a headach is this a sign


cat - February 19

i dunno


Sloane - February 21

i think it might be there are many free clinics out there and you can go and get tested if you think so... i thought i might be about three weeks and i went and turned out that i am over two months. i am only 17 so i know how you feel, but go and take a test from a doctor. good luck!


nicole - March 7

Am I pregnant? lately I have been getting horrible headaches and i've had my period, but it wasn't heavy at all like normally and maybe once a day i bleed very lighty, but it's not everyday


pam - March 15

i had s_x two days after my period can i get pregnant.


Marjorie - March 22

my b___st are very swolen since my period was over i had a few days where they went down now there very swolen again my period is not due for at least two wks could i be pregnant


Person - April 20

yes this is 1 of the signs


bae - April 27

if i were you i would go check it out immediately


lianne - May 8

i am only 15 and i had s_x in december. and i av only c_m on my period 3 times.i av had headaches, feelings in my tummy and it is gettin bigger by the day but isnt that hard,i av had diarroria, i av felt dizzy and im very tired all the time.i always want 2 b___sts were sore but it had gone and i always need the toilet.if i am i wud b about 4 months.wat do u think?


Tere - May 8

what are the sympthoms of pregnancy


angie - July 1

its possible but you could have a viral infection or one of many different things, not necessarily pregnant.


Nicole - January 5

I'm 14 years old and I am 6 months old and never had any of those symthoms. I would advice you to just to a doctor.


not a teen - January 5

not another teen. find a chat for teens please!!!!! we do not have good luck with them here.


Lakeisha - April 26

what are the symthoms of being pregnant


Italia - May 11

well im 14 and i have felt the same its been like almost 2 or 3 weeks im afraid of what may happen to me


stephanie - July 26

i dont know if iam pregnant because i have missed my period adout 2months


BrendaW - July 26

Stephanie you need to take a test! Especially if this is not normal for you~ Good Luck



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