Taken Proverra But Was Pregnant

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mrose - June 30

Has anyone ever taken provera to start your af, only to find out after you quit taking it that you were actually pregnant that they just did a pg test too early? According to FF, if I ovulated this cycle it was just a few days before they started me on proverra, so when they did a preg test, it could have been too soon. i've been done with proverra for about 5 days now, and i've only spotted a couple times, very light pink spotting, no clots or anything, hardly any cramps at all. and today i was sooo nausious and throwing up, and i'm not sure why. I was wondering...is is possible to still be pregnant???


Keeli - June 30

Absolutely it is possilbe you could be pg! However, keep in mind that progesterone supplement side effects are a lot like pregnancy. I think the biggest symptoms are nausia and being tired. When I was taking it, I felt REALLY tired all the time. I also thought my af would be really strong after taking it, but no, it was just as short as usual or shorter. When is/was af due for you?


mrose - June 30

Keeli, I have had to take provera for the past year each cycle to get my cycle started, I haven't had af on my own in over a year, so I don't have any idea when i should have gotten it b/c it doesn't come on it's own. My cycles have been as long as 89 days, that was my last cycle. I always get ewcm, and since i have been tempin my past two cycles, it shows that i ovulate...but i'm not positive. I think I'm going to take another hpt tomorrow. My body is alll screwed up. but thanks for replying though :-)


kristie h - July 1

Hi girls, sorry to but in but i am looking for a answer. Well i was on promilut N which is a progestrone tablet. Well i had a withdraw bleed and i have had 1af on my own since and it was a 34 day part cycle instead of 30. Does progestrone tablets make you LP longer? The doc put me on these as my af was very heavy lasting 9-13 days since my miscarriage in feb, She said i had a hormonal inbalance. Since the tablets af have been normal so do you think that tgis could of helped my cycle and LP? Sorry i have not found anyone that can give me info on progestrone tablets so i thought i would ask.



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