Taking Prenatals Before You Get Pregnant

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slowpoke01 - June 26

hey i was wondering if anyone took prenatal viatamins before they got pregnant and got pregnant easier or just what is everyones opinions on taking prenatals before you are pregnant? i was jsut curious because i have heard some people say that it is best to start them while you are trying to get pregnant let me know what you all think about it.


tryingtoo - June 26

I have not had any children yet, but I do take prenantals because my Gyno says that if you are not using any type of bc its best to have the vitamins in your body anyways. I also have heard that it can help facilitate getting pg, but I really do not know the reason why that is...this is just my uneducated answer :)


Cris - June 26

it is proven now that taking prenatal vitamins before you are preg. ie trying. helps alot more with the baby's development. the growth of a baby in the 1st 3 mths is very vital. to keep a healthy baby growing and "nesting" the prenatal vitamins(folic acid) have proven to help keep ur baby --and usually u don't find out ur preg. til ur 4-5 wks preg.--so u miss a whole mth. there if u didn't start taking the vitamins while trying instead of when u become preg. so doc's love to see women on prenatal vitamins be4 they get preg. now to help with development of the baby.


Lin - June 26

No, prenatals don't help you to conceive easier. Taking them early just ensures that they're already in your system when you conceive. They're also d__n good for your nails and hair!


VenusdiMilo - June 26

Prenatal vitamins are an important part of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby, and should not be taken lightly. Women are now encouraged to take them BEFORE getting pregnant to prevent birth defects, as well as throughout the pregnancy and b___stfeeding to ensure a healthy baby. Studies show that every woman that reaches child bearing age (18-45) should start taking a prenatal vitamin that way when the does get pregnant she has enough in her body to sustain the pregnancy. The average prenatal vitamin contains the recommended 400 mcg of folic acid, and when taken daily is the easiest step toward preventing neural tube defects. Remember, prenatal vitamins are a supplement to the diet and should not be subst_tuted for healthy food choices. There are many over the counter prenatal vitamins available in addition to those prescribed by a physician. Absorption rates can vary between over the counter brands, or there may be too much or too little of an essential vitamin or mineral. The prenatal vitamins prescribed by physicians are usually of better quality and have greater absorption rates. I don’t know anything about them helping you get pregnant faster…that’s a whole other thing. Good Luck!!


ZenGirl - June 26

Taking them does not increase your conception chances but does make your baody better prepared for when that happens. It's always a good idea to take vitamins.


DownbutnotOUT - June 26

After my m/c I started taking my prenatal vitamins right away because the dr really push being full of folic acid before ttc. Now I have a little bundle in the oven and I owe that to the vitamins, I honestly believe they are the biggest reason why I got preggers so quick.


slowpoke01 - June 26

hey thank you all for your replies i had an iui on the 16th and the doc didnt say anything about taking prenatals so i havent been but i bought some the other day and was going to start taking them so thats why i asked thanks again


laura8 - June 26

i have not heard of any concrete evidence that taking prenatals helps you get pregnant nor does it make sense to me at all. I started taking prenatals in may though because dh and I had planned to start ttc in July and I was told its best to have them in your system before you are pregnant. Low and behold, my period was 3 days late at the end of may so i took a hpt and got a bfp!!!


slowpoke01 - June 26

w2g laura i was just curious i had heard alot say they take prenatals before ttc but my doc said nothing about taking them so i wasnt sure thats why i asked the question i really appreciate all the honest answers from you all i bought some but didnt know if i should start taking them without telling the doc


chandellina - June 27

not sure how much they help the average woman get pregnant but i believe some women have vitamin b deficiencies that can in part be corrected with pre-natals or a b complex vitamin. so in some cases they could help. frankly i'm getting tired of taking the d__ned things, only because they remind me i have yet to really need them - i've been taking them for about two years but unfortunately have miscarried twice since september.


slowpoke01 - June 27

chandellina that is what i am scared of just taking them all the time and no bfp and that would be a constant reminder that i am taking prenatals and arent pregnant so i am torn as to take them or not



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