Tanning While TTC

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????????? - April 12

Is it ok to go Tanning while TTC????


Melissa S. - April 12

I don't know about tanning while TTC, but I did tan after I got pregnant, up unitl 5 months anyway, then it hurt to lay on my back in a tanning bed.


Jenn - April 12

Did you ask your doctor about the tanning? I'm curious because I'd like to tan for the next few months - TTC and hoping this was the month but won't know until April 26th. I'd love to go tanning but thought it would do something if pregnant.


Lenore - April 12

tanning beds are definitely not a good idea when you are pregnant(besides it increasing your chances of skin cancer by 50%) it can raise your body temperature to a level that is hazadous to your baby especially in the first trimester. I am not preaching because I happen to be a frequent customer of Beach Bum Tanning, but i am sure if you asked your doctor he would recommend not doing so while pregnant or ttc.


??? - April 12

I have gone 5 Times in the last few weeks and we have been TTC. I have not missed AF yet. Do you think I shouldn't have gone?


Sue - April 13

Hi! It is not advisable that you get into a jacuzzi or tan when you're pregnant, because it can heat up your body too much and the baby won't be comfortable in there thus your chances for a miscarriage get's higher. The tanning is also not good for your skin because pregnant skin doesn't like sun, you get pigmentation marks almost instantly. However, since you're only trying to conceive, I don't think you must beat yourself up about it! Just don't overdo it. But the minute you get the positive result, don't tan anymore, then your body needs to be kept comfortable for the baby. You can tan again after it's born. Good luck!


to ????????? - April 13

im ttc and tan,i did give it up but ttc could take a few months so decided to start it up again as it makes me feel so much better about myself and was getting down as not pregnant yet so go for it....i plan on stopping when i get a BFP though.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - April 13

There are no conclusive tests that say one way or the other whether it's acceptable to tan in a tanning bed while pregnant. I always try to err on the side of caution, if in doubt, I don't do it, but that's just me( the paranoid person I am). When you are ttc, doctors advise you to act as if you're pregnant (which includes taking your prenatal vitamins) and take the same precautions. Good luck! :o)



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