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Leila - December 7

I'm 10 weeks pregnant and certain foods and drink taste funny and smells such a tabacco smoke and alcahol make me want to be sick which is a good thing as it's made it easy to give up smoking. Are these all normal symtoms of early prgnacy?


GrandpaViv - December 7

Yes. Perfumes can also provoke a strong reaction. There is also research that says your man starts to smell different - something to with being attracted to genetically similar people (family) instead of genetically different people (potential mates)


E - December 7

My husband had an entirely different, and may I stress AWFUL odor during my first trimester. He made me want to puke. Poor guy. I slept in a different bedroom on several occasions due to the overwhelming smell. I was convinced that he needed to shower three times a day, was not using enough soap, and that he smelled to other people. He knew I was crazy but still had to ask people at work if they thought he smelled. Of course they laughed:) It was all me!! So yes, this is totally normal and will subside after the first trimester.


m - December 7

Totally normal! At about 8-10 weeks, I developed an aversion for anything scented... lotion, perfume, powder, etc. Specifically, Sun-Ripened Raspberry lotion from Bath and Body Works. That stuff made me so sick to smell. It's 7 years later and I still can't handle the smell of it. It happened with beer, too. My poor hubby had to stop wearing his cologne, and he couldn't drink his beer around me. Of course, it didn't take long after birth to get my taste for beer back! LOL Good luck Leila. ---- And E, that's funny about your hubby. Did he get a complex? Constantly checking his arm pits? :o)


E - December 7

M- totally! I think he felt really badly about it. He is pretty sound-minded and after a bit of research he realized it was due to the pregnancy. I was the one who could not be convinced that he did not actually smell like garlic marinated in beer. Ewww. It was sick. Not even the fan could b__w the smell away from me at night so I went to the other bed. My comp at home still will not work with this site. If I even mention it to hubby he will take the thing apart and try to reprogram it. I think I will not bother b/c it is annoying when the computer is in pieces for hours. My evenings are so boring...


Grandpa Viv - December 7

E, try running free AdAware from http://www.lavasoft.de


E - December 8

Thanks Viv. Hub says we have that already. We think it is our provider (RCN), which is plagued with c___p. We have had multiple viruses since ordering cable 9 months ago. Of course, I am always blamed for the computer melt-downs, but I know it is not all my fault.


josie - November 8

Does wearing perfume affect your pregnancy?



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