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joan - April 19

After you had ov what should your temp be before A/F should it be 99. could i be pregnant


oo - April 19



joan - April 19

please help


stacey - April 19

the temp itself doesn't matter really, it has to be higher than your coverline which means you needed to be temping for a while- atleast since before ovulation. The temp should remain high for atleast 18 days after ovulation. If it remains high that long, then you may be pregnant. Also, you are supposed to be using first morning temps- before you even get out of bed. Check on fertilityfriend.com if you have more temp questions.


Melissa - April 19

My temp was up this month as well, but as of yesterday, it declined. And yes, mine was as high as 99.4 on any given day. That is normal though. Your body automatically raises its temp just after ovulation because it is preparing to support a fertilized egg (whether you have a fertilized egg or not). Just prior to your period starting, your temp will drop a one or two degrees. So as stacey has said you need to have high temps for at least 18 days before it indicates a pregnancy. Some doctors even say that you should have high temps for 21 days or longer before a pregnancy can be confirmed based simply on a temp increase. Your best bet is a positive HPT.


joan - April 19

thank you for your help


stacey - April 19

Thanks Melissa- but I meant and should have clarified that 99 doesn't necessarily mean pregnant- it depends on your normal temp. Mine when pregnant was 98.2


Maren - April 19

I must be odd because my temp. never tops 98. When it is low it is only 97.0


stacey - April 19

Maren- mine doesn't get too high- 98.6 was the highest. 97.3 the lowest. It really all depends on the person.


Michelle - April 19

This month i started temping the day my period started. My temp was 98.1 for the first two days and then it dropped to 97.7 or 97.9 around there. I noticed stacey said it should drop before AF. Is it normal that mine dropped during?


bump - April 19



stacey - April 20

yeah, again it's an individual thing (I read the book Taking Charge of Fertility- great source) your temps can drop day(s) before, day of- mine do, some temps drop during. That's why it's important to know your cycle. Sorry, not trying to preech- I am sorta new to it all- 2 1/2 cycles charting, but find it so interesting!!


emily - April 20

Mine drop the day I start a heavy bleed, not spotting. Also a 99 temp could be a fever. Maybe you have a sore throat or a cold. Wait for the missed period and test! xx good luck xx



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