Temp Q Not Sure About My Temps Plz Help

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babygurl xxx - June 10

hi everyone.. ok i need a temp expert.. for all those who temp can ne one give me an idea if my temps are good or bad.. as this is my first month tempin.. CD 19 = 96.62 CD 20 = 96.44 CD 21 = 96.26 CD 22 = 95.18 + FF predicts OV + clear stretchy cm CD 23 = 96.62 ...1 dpo CD 24 = 96.80 ....2 dpo CD 25 = 97.16 + ewcm again ... 3dpo CD 26 = 96.98 ... 4dpo CD 27 = 96.98 + ewcm again....5dpo CD 28 = 97.16 ... 6dpo CD 29 = 96.62 ....7dpo not sure y a big dip ? CD 30 = 96.83 ... 8dpo.. CD 31 = 96.98 .... 9dpo.. CD 32 = 97.34 ....10 dpo CD 33 = 97.16 .... 11 dpo CD 34 = 97.34 .... 12 dpo CD 35 = 97.34 .... 13 dpo CD 36 = 97.70 ..... 14dpo ... today well my af vary abit neway from 30 days - 40 days but an avereage of 36 days... nipples have been burning but bbs not sore at all. which is one main sign of af with bit.. but this month bbs not even a tiny bit sore.. i take my temp at 7am every morning before i even get out of bed.. have a few preg signs peein more, bad gas, get tired easily..n got bad heart burn not matter wat i eat.. although i must say food is not that good at the moment. just dont feel like eating.. so ladies can u help me.. no sign of af yet but gonna wait another week b4 testing .. would just like some info on me temps to make sure that im doing it rite.. xxxxxxxxxxxx


b - June 10

ne one help plz ...


Wendy - June 10

Hey, I know how u feel. I asked a ? a fwe days back about my bbt chart and if I was doing it right. Well, I never got an answer. So I found http://ttc.loungeplace.com/ and right away got answers to my ?'s. I'm sorry I wasn't much help, but I'm sure someone will be able to help you there. Hope to see u there! good luck and lots of baby dust!


Grandpa Viv - June 10

Until you have one full month of temping or more you don't really know what your cover line is, nor do you have anything to compare with. It looks as though it might be around 96.8. Your early signs and the fact that the temp is holding up is encouraging. I would say that if you can keep those temps up for another 7 days you should have it made!! Goodluck!


Wendy - June 11

I forgot to ask/mention, have you tried fertilityfriend.com ? You imput your temps along with other stuff that you're experiencing, etc., and it helps you interpret what its saying, it gave me a cover line. Anyway, good luck and keep me posted if you like!! baby dust to you!!!


baygurl - June 11

hi wendy, yea im using ff n it has given me a cover line.. so far i have temps above the cover line for 15 days now


babygurl - June 11

oh yea my cover line is at 96.54


Heather - June 11

Instead of keying it all in on this site you can create your homepage under "Sharing" on Fertilityfriend.com and copy and paste your address for your chart so we can look at it. :)


Wendy - June 11

Babygurl, I hope this is it for you, 15 days above sounds wonderful. I'm at 10 days and starting to loose hope. I think I got too excited when I started getting symptoms this month, first time getting any sorts of symptoms since I was preg with my son. Still somewhat hopeful, but have really lost most of my giddyness. Will see if af shows her nasty face.


Leanne - June 11

I'm starting to check my temps too. From what you said I think you ovulated on CD 22=95.18. When the temp suddenly drops 1/2 - 1 degree then you are ovulating. When ovulation is done it will go back up and stay up until you ovulate again. hope this helps. Leanne



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