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Lynn - June 10

Okay ive been trying to understand the whole temp. consept, but if your pregnant does your temp. go up? My normal temp is usually low to mid 97'. I took my temp. yesterday and it was 98.1, I took it this morning it was 98.2. I took it again about an hour ago it was 98.5. One of my co-workers also commented on how my face looks flush... [dont know if that means anything] and last night I did a very small workout and the room was high 60' im usually cold in it, but I started the workout and couldnt finish because I was soooo hot. But anyways if anyone can help me out on this one itll be great. [Also been having a looooooooot of white-lotiony CM] Thanks!


amanda - June 10

I have also been like that too. My temps now are running about 98.1-98.3 which is pretty high for me. I have been so hot lately. Even in bed in the mornings I get really flush feeling. AF is due in 5 days... we'll see!!


Lynn - June 10

My AF isnt due until end of June, and last month AF was abnormal for me and was only 5 days instead of the usual 7... Good Luck!


amanda - June 10

I also just came off of bc on the 15th of may. I only had one day of af. I am not sure how this will play out. But I am hoping for the best. I would like to say that I have had more symptoms that I think i have.. hell, my b___bs are bigger and i don't fit into any of my jeans anymore.. but i don't want to get to excited. since i did just come off of the pill and all.


amanda - June 10

good luck with everything.... keep me posted!!!


Lynn - June 10

Well I charted my temp again and it was 98.9.... pretty high for me.


maddie - June 11

You need to temp first thing in the morning, at about the same time each morning, before you have even gotten up out of bed. If taken throughout the day it will go up and down depending on what you ate, the temp in the room, etc.


melanie - June 11

No maddie is wrong you should take temps throughout the day and then average them for that days temps


amanda - June 11

actually maddie is right!! you take them in the morning before you get up... thats BASAL body temperature....


maddie - June 11

thanks amanda....melanie my doc actually told me this......


Emily - June 11

Maddie is right, it´s first thing in the morning.


amanda - June 11

Thanks for the back up everyone!!! good luck to all!!!


hi - June 11

the temps should be taken in the morning around the same time -before you get out of bed to pee. you write down the temps on a chart together with other info such as cm, cervix placement etc. before and during your ovulation your temps is lower (due to estrogen), when your temps go up you are done ovulating (temps go up due to progesterone). if your temps stay higher after 18dpo and you pa__sed the date of your af, you are most likely pregnant. good luck!


Leanne - June 11

I think you finished ovulating I've just started taking my basal temp first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. In the directions it say that if there should be a 1/2 - 1 whole degree in drop of temp then ovulation has begun. After ovulation is done then the temp will rise again and say around the same until ovulation occurs again and it will drop. You want to try for a baby when it drops. RAW EGG WHITE IS OVULATION (CLEAR) Hope this helps. Leanne


Lyn - June 12

Okay... I just took my temp. right now just for the hell of it [I know should be charting in the morning] Well it said 104.0... Hmmm I feel fine... I think something is wrong with my thermonitor...


amanda - June 12

holy cow lynn!!!! did you eat something hot?? or maybe you just SUPER ovulated this month!! LOL!! hopefully it'll be back to normal in the am...


Lynn - June 12

Okay update from last night when my temp. was a friggin 104.0! Well I just got up and it said it was 101.1... Yall think there might be something wrong with my thermonitor? I feel perfectly fine. Dont feel sick at all. [well last night I ate something and felt yucky afterwards] If your preg. can your temp get this high?



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